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Season 17 Performance 4

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Judges? Bruno thought it was a foxy foxtrot, even if it was untraditional, and she needs to work on her sections in hold. Carrie Ann thought she did a great job transitioning between the two styles, and she needs to watch her shoulders. Julianne wants to see a different side of Christina, because she's given them only one note. And then she says the best thing! She says that she wants Christina to shine, and she's danced with Mark before, and she knows you have to stand in front of him sometimes to be seen! HA! Confirmation that he is an overdancer and glory hog. Mark looks PISSED though he tries to pretend he's laughing it off. I love Julianne forever for finally saying that on camera. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Julianne 8, and Bruno 8.

Derek assures all of us that his sister won't be giving him any special favors as a judge, and in fact, it's probably the opposite. And then Amber hurts her knees during rehearsal and has to sit out a day or two and just watch. So with her limited rehearsal and injuries, she's just hoping not to embarrass herself out there. They have the tango. I can't tell if Amber's facial expressions are because she's being fierce or because she's in pain. There are a few that could go either way. She doesn't miss a step but it's not as flashy as most of her past routines have been.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought she was in fine form, and her hold was amazing, as was her footwork. Julianne was impressed that Amber was able to project personality despite it being a tight and contained dance. Bruno thought it was a classic and amazing tango. I have to say that I am not seeing the Amber bedazzlement. I think she's good and fun to watch; I don't think she's a better ballroom dancer than, say, Elizabeth or Corbin. And she gets a tongue-bathing every time. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Julianne 9, and Bruno 9. Amber looks as surprised as I am.

Bill and Emma have the samba, and Bill is worried that he's going to look like a creepy old man with his attempted gyrations. Well, I wouldn't say he looks creepy, but his hip action is non-existent. This is about what I expected when I heard he was a contestant. He does great with the footwork, but his arms are a disaster and he keeps bobbing his head like a chicken pecking for food. It's not good. But he's having fun! And the crowd loves him.

Judges? Julianne thinks that Bill got to go last because the audience loves him, and she loves him too. Bruno thought it had everything you can wish for in a samba except timing and rhythm, but it was really fun. Carrie Ann thinks it was entertaining even if it didn't look much like a samba. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Julianne 7, and Bruno 7. That was probably higher than he deserved, technically.

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