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Season 17, Performance 6

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Len the Grouch

The show opens with a glitzy Lindy Hop/Charleston type number. I like how they're integrating the troupe this season. They're not constantly telling us about the troupe, like previous seasons – they just dance in the opening and the bumpers and after a while you might notice, "Hey, that Gleb is pretty good" or whatever. Also, Sasha is featured strongly in this number which makes me think he's going home tonight. Or he choreographed it. Nope, Tom says it was choreographed by the Schwimmer siblings.

There's a new twist tonight where the dances are going to dance side-by-side. We'll see how that goes. Bill and Emma are up first, and they're shocked that Mark and Christina went home last week. This week, they are dancing a tango to "Cheeseburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buffet (which Emma calls "Beefburger in Paradise" by Jimmy Buff-ay. This is going to be a tough sell, since this is such an upbeat song and the tango is really aggressive. They do a whole skit that I didn't really need where they argue about who's going to get the cheeseburger. But the actual dancing is pretty good. Bill's posture is great. Near the end, they have a series of turns and Bill seems a little lost or at least concerned about his footwork.

Judges? Len thought it had a lot of content and was overall well done. Bruno says there was plenty of beef on top but a little cheesy underneath, with some timing issues. Carrie Ann points out that his steps are too big, and that's where he gets into trouble, but she loved the performance. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 7.

Elizabeth and Val were hoping for 10s last week, and didn't get them. So this week with the cha cha, Val wants to showcase her powerful and sexy side. Elizabeth gets emotional talking about how she made Showgirls and it flopped, and she thought she'd never dance in public again. Elizabeth looks great, and confident, and beautiful. Her technique is good, although she overdances a few times and slips. I thought there could be more cha cha and less spinning, but what do I know?

Judges? Bruno tells her that she's still got it, and it was sexy, clean, and sharp. Carrie Ann loves that Elizabeth has been gracious and learned from their critiques, and calls her a "white panther." Len thinks Elizabeth and Val are a formidable partnership, and consistently good. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. First perfect score of the season. It was deserved, although I'm surprised that Len didn't ding them for not having more cha cha content.

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