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Turn Back Time

The show opens with a disembodied Cher head floating over the dance floor, which disappears to reveal the actual Cher floating on a platform, singing "Believe." Dude, this song was played when it was a plot point on a Buffy episode in the late '90s. I guess now it's old enough to be a classic. I'll say this: Cher is actually singing into a microphone that's turned on (albeit with a lot of backup and reverb and a backing track). But I can hear her actual voice, so that's something.

Corbin and Karina are dancing first tonight with the Argentine tango. Corbin had a busy week with his other obligations, and his phone was ringing constantly during rehearsals. Karina actually didn't throw a tantrum as I would have predicted. Their tango is perfectly fine. Corbin's posture is great, although he's sticking his butt out a little. It seems like Karina is dancing around him a bit, which surprises me. Their stunts look good (although Corbin nearly drops her on the last one). Overall, it leaves me feeling as I have for most of Corbin's dances this season: there was nothing really wrong, but there was also nothing REALLY right. It was just there.

Judges? Carrie Ann thought the lifts were breathtaking, but sometimes his footwork was not as smooth as it could have been. Bruno loved the passion, but thought some of the passes were not as clean as they could have been. Oh, what will Cher say? Cher thought it was amazing, of course. She is going to be useless as a judge, isn't she? Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Cher 9, and Bruno 9. So does Cher just copy whatever Carrie Ann does? I really miss Len. I am cranky.

Leah and Tony got great scores last week. This week, they have the Viennese waltz, and Leah gets really into the story of "I Got You Babe," hoping that Cher will appreciate the artistry, even if the technique isn't spot on. Leah looks really graceful, and does a great job acting out the storyline of her dance. I'm impressed! I'm not so impressed with the ending, where they kind of just give up the last few bars of the song and walk off the floor, but you can't have everything. I think that was one of her best.

Judges? Bruno thinks it was beautiful, especially during the side-by-side parts, but Leah's frame wasn't as good in hold. Carrie Ann thinks Leah is feeling in her zone, but she got a little behind the music at times. Cher loves how they interpreted the day that she met Sonny, and she loved the look in their eyes. That's exactly what Leah was hoping to do, so she's happy. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Cher 9, and Bruno 8. Not bad.

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