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Season 4 Performance #10: Results

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Season 4 Performance #10: Results

For the final night, all of the contestants from this season have returned! And man, are there some people I forgot were ever on this show. Like Paulina Porizkova. Or Shandi Finnessey. Each contestant is introduced and heads out to the floor to do a little move. You know who I didn't miss AT ALL? Heather Mills. Also? Billy Ray Cyrus. I did miss J Rat though. My coworker and I were actually passing notes during a meeting today discussing who we thought would win. She missed part of last night's episode (what kind of fan is she?), so she didn't feel like she could make a pick, but she's a Laila fan. I was leaning towards Joey, but we agreed (unlike American Idol) that we thought any of the final three would be a deserving champion.

Now it's time to rehash last night's episode. And you know what? I already recapped it once, so just go read it if you really need to know. When the recap is over, Tom and Samantha explain the scoring, and they remind us that the judges will get to judge one last routine by each couple, coming up next!

Hey, we've got two hours to kill. Why not take a look back at all of the seasons, huh? Wow, I was just reminded how much I kind of despised Mario Lopez. Anyway, it all started with a British dancing showcase called Come Dancing. It was revived, celebrities were added, and it was renamed Strictly Come Dancing. Then it was exported to America. Joey McIntyre says that he thought the producers were insane when they asked him to join the lineup. John O'Hurley reveals that many other networks turned it down. Kicking yourselves now, NBC? Remember when they were the "too good for reality" network? That was before Deal or No Deal. Thirteen million viewers tuned in for the premiere, including Sars, Wing, and me, sitting on my couch and marveling over Joey McIntire's tight pants. Kelly Monaco remembers how the judges didn't like her in the beginning, but she won them over as time went on, and she ultimately won the first trophy. Boy, she was a lot cuter when she was on the show. What happened to her?

So then the second season happened, and it included George Hamilton and Master P. But it also included Jerry Rice, Stacey Keibler, and Drew Lachey. Aw, I loved little, tiny Drew Lachey. Drew says that winning the show changed his life both emotionally and professionally. He went on the road as part of the DWTS national tour. I really can't imagine going to see people ballroom dancing in a local war memorial or giant concrete auditorium unless I had front-row seats.

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