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Season 4 Performance #10: Results

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Season 4 Performance #10: Results

I'm still wondering how they will kill the remaining time. They're going to compare Joey and Apolo. This is basically a rehash of last week where Len talked about the athletes versus the entertainers. Len reveals that Joey has had more standing ovations than anyone in any season. Len calls Apolo "the Greek god of war" and my husband gets all huffy, because Ares is the god of war, and he knows nerdy stuff like that, because he was a Classics minor in college. Hands off, ladies. He's mine.

Sam interviews the former winners. Kelly talks about the incredible energy of the stage. Drew advises the finalists to just enjoy the whirlwind that happens after the show ends. Emmitt says (again) that he will now be known as a dancer instead of a football player.

Apolo and Julianne. They really like each other. They enjoyed dancing together. Joey and Kym. They liked each other instantly. Kym thinks Joey is becoming a ballroom dancer. They work well together. Can you tell I'm getting bored with all the fluff and filler? Couldn't they have at least had a good musical performance or something? And have they always started promoting new fall shows during May sweeps? I don't remember that happening before, or at least not to this extent.

FINALLY! It's time to reveal the champions. And the winners are...Apolo and Julianne. They seem really, really surprised! Apolo actually screams like a girl. Apolo tells Tom that he feels amazing, and even gives credit to Joey, who looks disappointed. I really think part of Apolo's win should be credited to his humble nature; that's what he had over Joey. Tom awards Apolo and Julianne with their trophy. I think those two should get married and have tiny, dancing babies that fit right in your pocket. Hee! Behind Apolo, you can see Bruno just loving up on Laila, hugging and kissing her, and Laila looking incredibly uncomfortable. So that's it! See you in the fall!

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