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Season 4 Performance #10

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Season 4 Performance #10

Apolo is fully dressed, while Julianne appears to be in lingerie; it seems that the story here is that Apolo is leaving on a train, and I think it leaves at midnight, and it appears to be heading for Georgia. And Julianne will be with him (I know she will). All I know is that this is one sexy rumba. I know people on the forums have been speculating about these two for weeks, but if they aren't doing it behind the scenes, I don't know what. They have got some chemistry. Bruno calls them "American gigolo and baby doll" and compliments their chemistry. Carrie Ann thinks it was a little bit overperformed, and not their best. Len agrees with Carrie Ann, and thinks it lacked romance. What? Bruno totally agrees and yells, "They made love on the dance floor! They could have conceived a BABY!" Oh my God. Best line of the season. Len doesn't want to sit next to Bruno and moves his chair over, which somehow makes the light on the front of the judges' table flicker on and off. What in the holy hell is happening this season? I LOVE IT! Tom has to go over and remind Bruno to let Len talk. Len thinks it was too fast and hectic. Tom lets his allegiance show when he comments, "Look, I don't even smoke and I wanted a cigarette." Tom totally wants Apolo and Julianne to win. After the commercial, their score comes in: 9, 9, and 10.

Joey was "the comeback kid" last week, and was the first one announced to go through to the finals. Joey and Kym practice many different types of lifts during the freestyle, and Kym pushes Joey even though he's exhausted, which seems quite dangerous for lifting purposes. You don't want a tired dude lifting you in precarious positions. The judges chose the cha-cha for them, and they seem to be adding some sort of puppet choreography in there. Like that one N*SYNC video with the marionettes?

They begin with the puppet stuff, which is kind of dumb and doesn't fit the song, which is possibly my favorite dance song of all time, "Groove Is In the Heart." Joey looks like he's put some weight back on, or maybe his pants don't fit very well. There's a weird breakdown in the middle, and I'm not sure what Joey is doing. It's kind of cool, but doesn't seem very cha-cha. Overall: weird. I don't know if I used that word enough in that paragraph. Let's see what the judges thought. Carrie Ann thinks Joey is a crowd pleaser, but there wasn't enough cha-cha. AGREED! She thinks he took breaks for the fun stuff but never got back to the real moves. Len thinks it was too far away from the roots of the dance, and ended up being more like a freestyle. AGREED! Bruno thought it was "an odd cha-cha." AGREED! Tom points out that Joey and Kym have united the judges. I'm sure those two will make up the points on the freestyle -- I expect amazing things from them, although expectations could work against them. Anyway, for the cha-cha, they get a 9, 8, and 9. They don't look surprised after the lambasting they got in person.

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