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Season 4 Performance #6

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Season 4 Performance #6

I just have this to say about National Bingo Night: I remember when Dancing with the Stars premiered in the first season and, a few weeks in, I was visiting my grandmother and she said, "Kimmy! Did you see that show with the dancing? They are pretty good dancers! I like that show." And my grandmother also won $1000 at bingo a few weeks ago (cute alert: she then sent all of her grandchildren a $20 bill in the mail to share the wealth). I think ABC is really hitting the right demographic with that programming. The only problem is that my grandmother also enjoys activities like shopping at Dollar General and washing and reusing plastic sandwich bags, so I don't know if the advertisers will get the payoff they're seeking from her.

Anyway, when we return, Tom introduces George Lopez and pimps his show (that's still on?), and then my local affiliate cuts in to tell me there are thunderstorms in the area. Really? Because I couldn't tell by the rain, thunder, and lightning going on outside. Thanks for that, guys. And meanwhile, I just missed John and Edyta's scores. Blast! [Note: at the end, they announced that John and Edyta got 19 out of 30. Holy crap! That's not good.]

Laila and Maksim are up next. Last week, Laila got good scores, and this week, she'd like to get a perfect score while doing the cha-cha. Laila says that at first, she just did what Maksim told her, but now she wants some input and to be able to "put some funk" into their performance. I think the announcer just called Laila "Linda Ali." Did I imagine that? I dig Laila's flashy gold Tina Turner dress, but Maksim is wearing a vest, with suspenders underneath, with NO SHIRT! Unacceptable cheese levels. And that's saying a lot on this show, where the cheese bar is high. Their dance is good, but at the end, they do this little break, and I totally just saw all the way up Laila's dress. Am I the only one bothered by this? I guess I'm a prude. And then Maksim tries to do some sort of "Ride 'em cowboy/spank that ass" move that doesn't seem compatible with the cha-cha to me. We'll see what the judges think. I liked their routine up until that last part. The audience loved it and gave them a standing ovation. Len thought it was "pure gold" but the break wasn't his cup of tea. I am Len. I am old. Bruno calls Laila "a magnificent obsession," and Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno. So Len and I are the cranky old codgers who don't like fun. I'm kind of okay with that. And then Samantha totally gives their score before the scores are revealed, realizes her mistake, and goes to the judges for the scores, which are 9, 9, and 10, for a total of 28 out of 30. Samantha gives a quick explanation of why she knew the score in advance, trying to stave off those conspiracy-theory people.

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