Dancing With The Stars
Season 4 Performance #7: Results

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Season 4 Performance #7: Results

Now we find out who gets the red light and joins John and Edyta in the bottom two. It's between Joey, Ian, and Billy Ray. Ian and Cheryl are safe. Wouldn't it be shocking if Joey ended up in the bottom two? It would be, but it's not happening. Billy Ray and Karina are in the bottom two, and Billy Ray is not surprised.

After the break, it's time to find out who's going home. And it's...John and Edyta. Billy Ray seems actually pissed off, like he was trying to throw it. Damn his huge fan base! John and Edyta get a standing ovation from everyone including the judges. John says he was thrilled to be part of it, and he appreciates Edyta's help. Samantha reminds us that John joined the cast late, and Edyta says she didn't think they'd make it this far, but John reminded her to stay positive. John invites everyone out onto the floor to do the bunny hop. The band apparently doesn't know the bunny hop, so they play "Every Time You Go Away." The dancing falls apart, and everyone just hugs John. Aw. They really liked Cliff Clavin. See you next week!

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