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Season 4 Performance #7

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Season 4 Performance #7

After the ballroom round ends, Laila and Maksim are tied with Joey and Kym for the top slot, while Billy Ray and Karina are way, way at the bottom. Now let's move on to the Latin round!

Laila and Maksim return to dance the samba while wearing neon green outfits. I don't like how Maksim dances the samba. It's like a parody of sexiness with the pumping hips and the thrusting and the jutting. It's just not for me. I think I like ballroom better. Bruno thinks they were "giving fire." Carrie Ann thought it was amazing and sensual. Len hopes Laila's father is proud, which is kind of a weird thing to say after such a sexy dance. Maksim can't stand the attention being on his partner for five seconds, so he fake-collapses to the ground. Samantha points out that Maksim has never reached the point in the show where he had to do two dances in one week. Maksim agrees that it's almost impossible. The judges give them a 10, 10, and a 10 for a perfect score of 30. Laila thinks it was totally unexpected. Their overall score is 59 out of 60, which is pretty amazing.

John and Edyta will be dancing the rumba to "Under Pressure." Interesting song choice. John looks much more nervous and unsure than usual. They do one move where Edyta stands in front of him, facing away, and bends over while putting her leg behind her and then straight up in the air. I'm amazed by the strength and flexibility of these dancers. They end with a stylized dip. Carrie Ann thinks there wasn't enough passion, but she thinks John has a grace that none of the older gentlemen they've had on the show possessed. Len points out that John's footwork has improved greatly. Bruno agrees, and says while John was no Mario Lopez with the hip action, it was still pretty good. The judges give them a 7, 8 and a 7 for a total of 22. John has finally caught his breath. I was getting a little worried there for a while. John jokes that the judges think he's geriatric. Samantha asks Edyta to compare John to her former partners (Evander Holyfield, George Hamilton, and Joey Lawrence). Edyta says that John brings a great attitude and a willingness to work. Samantha announces that their total score is 45 out of 60.

Apolo and Julianne are dancing the mambo. Apolo looks very joyful while dancing. He really is a tiny little number, isn't he? They do a lot of complicated moves, which come off as a bit sloppy. One of the moves doesn't quite work for me -- Apolo lifts his leg up and Julianne twirls under it three times. She's not quite fast enough, or his leg isn't quite high enough, or something. Len doesn't think it was great. Bruno disagrees (surprise!) since Apolo is new to dancing and is doing quite difficult choreography. Carrie Ann thought it was great, if a bit off in spots. Bruno vehemently disagrees. Wow, Samantha is showing off the pregnancy boobs this week. I don't know why it took me so long to notice that. Apolo wishes for more consistency in the judging. Is it a good idea to taunt the judges? Apolo talks about how difficult it is to learn two dances in four days, which can become three days if you have to travel. The judges give them a 9, 9, and 10 for a total of 28. I feel like the scores are not matching up with what the judges are saying this week. Their total for both dances is 54 out of 60.

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