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Season 4 Performance #7

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Season 4 Performance #7

Ian and Cheryl are dancing the mambo. Oh. I think now we are seeing why Ian was so rigid in previous weeks – when he loosens up, he's not a very good dancer. There's a lot of shoulder shaking and hip thrusting and it's not pretty. And they also screw up the final pose. Hey, Jennie Garth is in the audience too. And was that Tori Spelling? Why didn't they show them earlier? Bruno really liked the dance. Carrie Ann thought it was better, but Ian's posture still needs a little work. Len enjoyed the hip action. Of course he did. I don't know if I'm just cranky tonight or what, but I'm not seeing what the judges are seeing. The judges give them a 9, 9, and 9 for a total of 27 out of 30. Cheryl says they're very happy with those scores. Their total is 54 out of 60 for the night.

Billy Ray and Karina are back to do the samba. Billy Ray is wearing a boxing robe. Why? I guess because they are dancing to "Living in America," but it didn't really add anything to the routine, so why bother? Oh, this is just terrible. I don't think Billy Ray even knows the steps, and there aren't that many of them. I always feel bad for the professional dancers when the celebrities suck. They are usually out there, dancing their little hearts out, trying so hard to distract from the mess. Carrie Ann says that she always thinks Billy Ray is going to go terribly wrong, and somehow it doesn't. Is that a compliment? "Wow, that didn't TOTALLY suck." Len thought this dance was better than the waltz. Bruno is surprised that he enjoyed it. I think the judges are just flummoxed, and they know Billy Ray can't actually improve any more, so they just pay him half-assed compliments and hope he goes home soon. The judges give them a 7, 7, and 7 for a total of 21 out of 30. Samantha wonders about Billy Ray's input into the routines. Karina tries to be diplomatic but basically says that Billy Ray needs to shut his achy breaky. Their overall total is 38 out of 60.

Joey and Kym will be dancing the jive. Is that a Latin dance, really? They're dressed all '50s style. Their dance is quite athletic, but I'm not seeing a lot of footwork. I am impressed by the fact that Joey can kick his leg over his head. And he can do a one-handed handstand. Len goes first and compliments their ability to be "in sync." Get it? Bruno thinks it was a "smashing showcase of talent." Carrie Ann was impressed too. I think that was a really good routine, but Joey and Kym made it look so easy that it wasn't as impressive at first glance. But thinking back at all the various moves they did, it was quite impressive. The judges give them a 10, 10, and a 10 for a score of 30 out of 30. Joey is thrilled with their first perfect score. You can see Ian over Joey's shoulder and he's kind of mocking him, so the camera moves. That was funny. Their total for the night is 59 out of 60.

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