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Season 4 Performance #8: Results

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Season 4 Performance #8: Results

Last night, well, Tom says it best when he says that "mayhem erupted in the ballroom." There was Bruno telling Billy Ray his dance was crap, and Carrie Ann's computer glitch. Like the show really uses computers; I'm sure they just write down the scores on an index card that gets passed to Samantha, and she still manages to screw it up sometimes. But it's....LIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom recaps the previous night's events. The judges pounced on Ian when his foxtrot failed to impress. Carrie Ann basically told Ian that he's not a very good actor, because he couldn't pretend he wants to jump Cheryl's bones. Joey eliminated the razzle-dazzle for his waltz, but he brought it back for the mambo, to Bruno's delight. Laila danced for her father, who was in the studio audience. The judges thought her first dance was brilliant, but Len didn't like the theatrics of her jive. And then, oh, Billy Ray. Bruno said his dance was crap, and immediately realized that the language might be a bit strong. Billy Ray pouted about it for a really, really long time. Apolo did a great tango. Len thought it lacked passion, which caused Tom Bergeron to beat Len about the head with his cards. And then the infamous computer error, where Carrie Ann gave them a ten but it was reported as a 9, but they finally got it straightened out and the ten stood. And then his second dance got a perfect score. Apolo and Julianne were thrilled that they impressed Len, since he's so hard to impress.

Hey, Samantha cut her hair. It makes her look older. Anyway, after the judges scoring, Apolo and Julianne lead with 58, followed by Joey and Kym with 55, and then Laila and Maksim with 53. Bringing up the rear are Ian and Cheryl with 47 and Billy Ray and Karin with 38. But don't call it crappy. God forbid. The judges will now announce their choice for the encore dance: Apolo and Julianne doing their paso doble, which received the only perfect score for the night, so it's an obvious choice. Have I mentioned that they are dancing to "My Darling Clementine"? Their pass where Julianne does a run into a sliding split goes much better tonight, probably since the pressure is off. Apolo gets a ton of height on his jump. When they finish, I notice that Len leads the standing ovation.

Nelly Furtado will perform "I'm Like a Bird" as Tony and Elena dance. I think Nelly should talk to Chris Richardson about how "nasally" is a singing style, because she is singing this entire song through her nose. The one thing I don't like about this "famous singer with dancers performing at the same time" thing is that the camera never knows whether to focus on the singer or the dancers, so you get a little bit of each, which is unsatisfying. Like, I don't need to see this much Nelly Furtado. I can hear her. Why not show me what the dancers are doing? At the end, they do sort of a split screen, which is interesting, but not entirely successful.

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