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Season 4 Performance #8

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Season 4 Performance #8

Joey and Kym are working on the waltz and the mambo this week. Joey insists that he's confident, but not cocky. This week, to blow off steam, Joey and Kym are going to the Kentucky Derby. Joey plans to use it as an opportunity to garner votes. As they practice their dances, Joey announces that he's going to tone down the razzle dazzle this week, and that he wants to sell the dance.

Kym is wearing something that looks like my 1990 prom dress combined with a Barbie Dream House combined with a poodle skirt. And she's way too tan. Anyway, she and Joey both manage to glide around the floor gracefully, and with a minimum of mugging, and they finish with a neat under-the-arm turn.

Time for judging! Bruno thinks Joey should stick to the razzle dazzle, because this was boring. Kind of true! Carrie Ann agrees that Joey shouldn't hold back, although she praises the technique. Len thought it was elegant and beautiful, instead of the "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" type of dancing. What? Len! You scamp! Len tells them not to listen to the other judges. I think I would stick to the razzle dazzle, since then you get two out of three, and Len isn't going to give THAT low a score. The scores are revealed, and they get a 9, a 9, and an 8 for a 26 out of 30. Joey pretends to be mad at Bruno, but he's clearly pleased overall. Joey also remembers to appeal to the folks at home, which is smart.

Billy Ray is still here, despite the "heel-billy" jokes. Please don't make that joke again, Crazy Bear. He realizes that he should avoid trying to influence the choreography this week. Billy Ray pretends he still wants to be there. Poor Karina tries to teach him the steps, but you know, she's only got so much to work with. Billy Ray still really wants an 8.

Karina and Billy Ray are doing the foxtrot, which should be...interesting. Billy Ray is all cowboyed up this week, as they dance to "Stand By Your Man." Bless his heart, he's trying, but he's just so far below the talent level of the remaining contestants. He doesn't do too badly when they break apart, but when they are together, he just looks so awkward. At one point, he sort of tries to drag Karina across the floor, and it goes wrong, but Karina saves it at the end.

Judge time! Carrie Ann is amazed they are still in the competition, and she praises his improvement, but in the end, his technique is not up to par. Len thinks it had the most content of any dance he's done, and that he did all the right steps, but at the wrong times. Bruno thinks that Billy Ray is "deliciously awful," which Carrie Ann objects to. Bruno thinks that they are getting to the end and need to be honest, because "it was crap." Ooh! My three-year-old nephew told me just yesterday that "crap" is a bad word. Good thing he can't read these recaps. Backstage, Billy Ray lashes out and says that Bruno calling him crap is "the pot calling the kettle black." That doesn't even make sense. So he's saying Bruno is crap? A crap dancer? I don't know. Their scores are a 7, a 6, and a 5 from Bruno for a total of 18 out of 30. Ouch. OUUUUUUCH. I mean, I get why Billy Ray is angry, but seriously. He's not good. Are the judges supposed to lie? I guess Bruno could have been more tactful, though. But is it fair to give Billy Ray a score even close to what Ian or Joey got? I don't think it is.

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