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Season 4 Performance #8

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Season 4 Performance #8

Before Tom can even announce it, Bruno starts yelling and screaming about inventive the choreography was, and Carrie Ann adds that everything was fabulous. And now to Len. He thinks it lacked passion and drama, and even Tom goes over and pretends to swat him with the cards. The audience is booing so loud that Len can't even talk, and Bruno is making the crazy sign with his fingers. Len thinks it was too hectic, because the tango should be a passionate slow dance. Okay, sometimes Len is too cranky and old even for me. Tom jokes that it's past Len's bedtime, and Len chuckles. I thought Bruno and Len were going to come to blows. Controversy! I love it! And now to the scores: it's a 10, an 8, and a 10. But wait! It says 9 on the screen for Carrie Ann? Samantha explains that Carrie Ann keyed in a 9, and then held up the wrong paddle. They go back to Tom, and Carrie Ann says that she meant to give them a 10, so Tom promises that they'll get it straightened out on the break. Tom also apologizes for hitting Len. It's getting CRAZY! This show is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. This show is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

When we return, Tom explains that there was a problem with Carrie Ann's computer, but that she intended to give Apolo and Julianne a 10, so that's the score they will get, and their total is now 28. So here's the rankings after one round of dancing: Apolo and Julianne lead with 28, then Laila and Maksim have 27, Joey and Kym have 26, Ian and Cheryl have 22 and Billy Ray brings up the rear with 18. Moving on to the Latin round.

Ian and Cheryl are doing the rumba to..."Imagine"? Wha? Seriously? This is dumb. This isn't a sensual song, but they're doing sensual moves and it's freaking me out a little bit. I think this was a huge miscalculation. I was sure Billy Ray was going this week, but now I'm not so sure.

Judging time: Carrie Ann thinks Ian was faking the passion a bit too much. I think she just said he was gay. Or that he doesn't find Cheryl attractive, at least. Len says that Ian is not natural enough, and seems to be concentrating too much on the steps still. Bruno liked it a lot, and thinks Ian is having a comeback. The scores come back 8, 8, and 9, for a total of 25 on this dance and an overall total of 47 out of 60. I have not voted this season, and I thought about voting for Ian, but I'm down on him a bit now. I like him as a person, but this wasn't his best week.

Joey and Kym are back to dance the mambo. Kym looks like Mambo Barbie for this one. I don't know who dresses her, but it's bad. I also don't really understand what makes this a mambo. They do a lot of spinning that looks impressive and complicated, and the audience digs it the most.

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