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Season 4 Performance #8

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Season 4 Performance #8

Len notes that they danced on the second beat, which is difficult, but he wonders why they spend so much time between each other's legs. Bruno says that they pimped the mambo. Carrie Ann thinks the competition might be in the bag for them. I do wonder if people might not vote for them because (a) Joey can be smarmy, or (b) they make it look easy. Backstage, Samantha wonders Kym and Joey can keep stepping it up week after week, and Joey gives props to professional dancers who do this all the time. The scores are in: 10, 9, and 10 for a total of 29 for this round. Their overall score is 55 out of 60.

Billy Ray and Karina are dancing the mambo now. Billy Ray still doesn't have the hang of staying on his toes at all; he's dancing like Master P. Karina is spinning all over the place trying to draw your eye away from how bad he is. Even my husband glances up and goes, "Ugh. It's bad." Billy Ray gets to shake Muhammad Ali's hand.

Judging time. Bruno thinks Billy Ray is "a wild beast that cannot be tamed," which is good and bad. Carrie Ann thinks Billy Ray might encourage others to try dancing, and claims that's a compliment. Len tries to say kindly that their other dance was good, but that this one was just weird. Seriously. If Billy Ray doesn't go home, I don't know what. I will feel really badly for whoever goes home before him. Backstage, Billy Ray is still harping on how rude the judges were earlier. Karina thinks it wasn't very constructive. Samantha has to rip the microphone away from Billy Ray, and it's starting to get a little scary back there. I don't think Billy Ray understands what the word "judge" means. Anyway, the scores are in, and Kym and Billy Ray get a 6, 7, and 7 for a total of 20. Really? Bruno gave them a higher score for this dance than the first one? Their overall total is 38 out of 60.

Laila and Maksim are back to do the jive to one of my favorite all-time songs, "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" by Jim Croce. They do a too-long skit before the actual dancing starts, but once it does start, it's quite good. Laila is the opposite of Billy Ray – she does better dancing with Maksim than when she's alone. She loses her posture when she's on her own.

Judge time. Carrie Ann thinks it was great. Len also thought the pre-dance skit business was too long. Bruno kind of agrees, since Maksim has such a great partner who can handle the additional steps. Backstage, Maksim gets all sentimental about how much he enjoyed dancing the waltz with Laila, and she's like, "Whatever, fool, let's hear our scores." The judges give them a 9, 8, and 9 for a total of 26 for this round. Their overall total is 53 out of 60.

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