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Season 4 Performance #9: Results

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Season 4 Performance #9: Results

Because they have more time to kill, now we have to watch a clip package about what the remaining contestants think of their competition. Let's talk about Ian! Apolo thinks that Ian has worked hard. Joey thinks Ian's very committed. Laila thinks Ian's best is yet to come. Next up is Joey. Laila thinks you can't count him out. Ian admires Joey's showmanship. Apolo thinks Joey's experience helps him. How about Laila? Apolo thinks she works the dance floor. Joey thinks she's really come out of her shell. Ian thinks she's elegant, plus she's the only woman left, which might give her an advantage. And finally, what about Apolo? Ian thinks his athleticism is great. Joey points out that his frame is dead on. Laila thinks Apolo is her biggest threat. And guess what? They all want to win!

Tom explains that they won't reveal a bottom two tonight. But they will be telling us the next couple through to the finals. Isn't that essentially revealing the bottom two? If they tell us the two couples that are moving on, the ones left over are the bottom two. So moving on are...Laila and Maks. See? Apolo and Julianne and Ian and Cheryl are the bottom two. That was a dumb thing to say, Tom. You know I love you, dude.

Finally! It's time to reveal who's going home. And the lowest score belongs to...Ian and Cheryl. No big surprise there. My husband notes that Cheryl's streak is broken. I'm a little sad that he knew that. Tom admits that he was so happy that Ian got a perfect score last night that he forgot he was hosting the show and had to be reminded to go on camera. Aw, I felt the same way. Ian gives credit to Cheryl. Samantha asks what he learned. Ian says he's learned how to dance, and he tips his hat to the remaining contestants. Ian gets all choked up as he thanks Cheryl, and he also thanks the judges and the fans at home. And he gets a clip package reminding us of his journey. Oh, Steve Sanders. When everyone else was loving Brandon and Dylan, you were secretly my favorite, you big cheeseball.

Next Monday, the couples will dance the judges' choice as well as a freestyle dance. The remaining contestants hug Ian and Cheryl as we fade out. See you next week for the finale!

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