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Season 4 Performance #9

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Season 4 Performance #9

Laila and Maksim start their quickstep. It's...Egyptian? Hey, I love the Bangles. But for a ballroom dance? Kind of weird. And this also doesn't feel like a quickstep. I think it's suffering in comparison to Apolo and Julianne. I do like Laila's shorter hair. Carrie Ann notes that Laila is being compared to the professional women and holding her own. Len and Bruno enjoyed it as well. This is dull! No one is fighting or getting mad or throwing tantrums! Now they head backstage to find out their scores: 10, 10, and 10. Really? I must be missing something. I didn't think it was as good as Apolo and Julianne. Sam asks Laila about her knees, which have been giving her trouble. Laila says that she doesn't like to complain, because everyone has problems. They also deny that they fought more than usual this week.

Last week, Joey was shocked to be in the bottom two, but I still contend that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. Kym thinks that Joey's entertainment will be in overdrive as they do the jive. Joey keeps harping on the fans voting. Look, people don't like to be guilted into voting. Do a good job and then remind them to vote. Joey and Kym go to Disneyland to try to drum up some support.

Joey and Kym bust out their foxtrot first, which is probably wise, since I think their jive will actually be better. Joey really is lighter on his feet than any of the other male non-professionals. I think it would be interesting if, one week, they had to swap partners, or at least choreographers. I'd like to see Joey attempt some of Julianne's moves. The audience (including Lance Bass and Alfonso Ribiero) gives them a standing ovation. Len liked how Joey portrayed a character in the dance, and Bruno thinks this was Mr. Showbiz at his best. He thinks they looked like movie stars. Carrie Ann thinks that a winner is someone who bounces back, and she thinks Joey was the best in the ballroom round. Not sure how that will work when there are already two perfect scores. And to no one's surprise, they get three 10s for a perfect score of 30. I really love how exited Bruno always is to reveal his score, especially when it's a 10. Joey appeals to the fans once again, like, we get it, dude! We need to vote!

After the first round, Apolo, Joey, and Laila all have perfect scores, and Ian is right behind them with a 28.

Len goes to visit each finalist to help them get ready. He helps Ian understand how to do sharp kicks, and cuts a rug himself. Len wants to help Apolo learn to turn his toes out and avoid being pigeon-toed, and also to be more playful on the dance floor. Len analyzes the tape and decides that Laila's arm movements need to be sharper. He counsels her to think about placing her hand and her arms will take care of themselves. Len checks out the final tape and decides that Joey's upper body and head go forward, and that's what causing his butt to stick out. Joey deadpans, "I definitely agree with [Len's] advice. He knows what he's talking about. He's been dancing for, what? Ninety-five years?" Joey doesn't usually do it for me, but that cracked me up.

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