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Season 4 Performance #9

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Season 4 Performance #9

Laila and Maksim are up for their cha-cha. They are dressed in a lot -- A LOT -- of purple. This is definitely a much more traditional routine than Apolo and Juliane's, which I think Len will like. They revive some of their moves from earlier routines, sort of a "greatest hits" dance. Afterwards, Maksim thanks Len for recognizing "the basic," which I think might be a shot at Julianne's choreography. Like, is he saying that she's not doing the right moves for the dance, as Len claimed? Anyway, the judges have run out of superlatives for these two, so there's not much to say. The judges give them a 10, 10, and 10. So they did get the first 60 out of 60. Samantha is babbling backstage about the first perfect thirty or something. She doesn't even know what she's talking about. Laila says that she taught Len some moves, but they didn't use them on camera. Oh, please show that tomorrow night.

The final dance of the evening is Joey and Kym doing the jive. Joey starts out laying across the judges' table and then does a giant leap -- I thought he might hit the rafters. The jive really is Joey's dance -- it lets him ham it up and do the athletic moves he does so well. At one point, he does a forward roll and then goes down into a split that I couldn't have done as a teenager, much less now. They also get a standing ovation, and it's well deserved. Bruno thinks Joey has "more flash than Vegas and more tricks than Houdini." He adds that it was a great capper to a great night. Carrie Ann loved it. Len puts on Joey's fedora and says, "You've got something that everyone's got, but yours is much bigger." Beat. "Personality." All the judges agree that Joey should be in the final. I think a Joey/Apolo final two would be awesome. Tom points out that Len thought the dancing was too raunchy, and then he's dropping double entendres all over the place. The final scores of the evening are revealed: 10, 10, and 10. There's another perfect 60 out of 60. Joey reminds everyone to call and vote, if they are so moved.

My husband just asked me if I'm going to weecap National Bingo Night. Can you imagine? Next up: B9. Then? N35.

The final scores are: Joey and Laila tied at 60, and then Apolo at 59 and Ian at 58. Damn, that's close. As much as I love him, I'm predicting Ian to go. He got his perfect score, but he's just a nudge less good than the others. See you tomorrow!

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