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Season 5 Performance #1: Men

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Season 5 Performance #1: Men

The final performer of the evening is Mr. Wayne Newton with his partner, Cheryl Burke. Wayne explains that he missed out on a lot of normal experiences because he's been performing since he was a teen. When they rehearse, Wayne is very sweaty. OH MY GOD! I just saw the most awesome thing ever. Wayne was explaining that he stays fit through waterskiing and karate. And then he does some karate moves in front of the Las Vegas sign. If someone could send me that clip as an animated gif, I would love you forever. Wayne confesses that he's nervous to go on stage for the first time in his life. He asks if they cut tape when you screw up, and Cheryl has to explain to him that it's a live show. Oh, Wayne. Don't you listen at the beginning of every episode when Tom yells, "LIIIIIIIIVE!"?

Wayne and Cheryl are doing the cha-cha-cha. He looks old. Not just his face, but the way he moves his body is very stiff, and he seems to do a lot of marching in place. There's no hip action at all. But he does seem to remember the sequence of moves, which is good. I think he'll get the Jerry Springer vote, at least for a few weeks. He does get a standing ovation from the audience, probably because he didn't have a heart attack. Judges? Carrie Ann points out how old Wayne is, like thanks, Carrie Ann. She advises him to open up his hips. Len thinks tonight was super-fun, and while Wayne wasn't aggressive, he had the basic moves down. Bruno calls Wayne "the Sizzler from Sin City," and he advises Wayne to go for more hip action and better foot placement. Time for scores! Carrie Ann gives a 6, Len gives a 7, and Bruno gives a 6. Damn! That's low. Cheryl, who you'll remember was Drew's partner, says that Wayne is probably the best partner she's had. Drew pretends to be mad.

Tom reminds us that someone is going home tomorrow, and the camera does a close-up on Josie. Mean! Here are the men's scores so far:
Helio and Julianne: 25
Cameron and Edyta: 21
Albert and Anna: 21
Mark and Kym: 21
Wayne and Cheryl: 19
Floyd and Karina: 18

So Josie is still the lowest score overall, which they don't mention. We'll find out tomorrow night who is going home. I'm going to predict Josie. Not only did she get a low score from the judges, but she probably doesn't have a huge fanbase. Although people might feel bad for her, and throw her the sympathy vote. Who knows? See you tomorrow night.

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