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Season 5 Performance #10: Results

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Season 5 Performance #10: Results

Tom and Samantha introduce a clip package that looks back on the first week of the competition. I've already recapped this once, so if you really care, go ahead and read that.

Once the clip package is over, each of the eliminated dancers will come out and do a portion of one of their routines. Josie and Alec are first with the foxtrot. There's no way she was worse than Wayne Newton. I think technically, she's probably better than Marie, although she's a lot more boring.

What was funny? One time, Marie drank an entire bottle of water! Then she pulled her groin. Then she couldn't do a cartwheel. Then she collapsed in giggles on the floor. What about Mel and Maks? Maks did a striptease. He tries to play with Mel's whip. He burped a lot. They finished a dance and Mel went, "God!" and Maks said, "Just call me Maks." Heh. That one actually made me laugh. How about Helio and Julianne? Helio talked to his feet to try to get them to work correctly. Then he used a piece of paper to make racecar noises and made Julianne spit out some water. I wish we had more of that during the season and less of the contrived skits.

Albert and Anna are back to do their cha-cha-cha. I miss Albert. I really thought he would go much further. He definitely had the hip action. I think he could have improved as much as Helio did, given the rehearsal time. Hey, Apolo and Drew are in the audience. Afterwards, Tom says that he was surprised by Albert's elimination. Me too, Tom!

Now a clip package about weeks three and four, and how the women started to dominate. That was also the weeks of Liftgate. And Samantha came back. And Cameron as Superman. Wow, I totally forgot Floyd Mayweather was even in this competition. I was trying to think of people that Albert should have surpassed in longevity, and I came up with Wayne and Mark Cuban. But add Floyd to that list.

Wayne and Cheryl come out, but Wayne can't dance tonight, because he's been having heart trouble. Samantha adds that Wayne will be going on the tour this winter. Tom asks Cheryl, who has lots of finals experience, what the people backstage are going through. Cheryl says they are nervous and relieved, but also sad that they may not dance together anymore, and ready to party tonight no matter what the outcome.

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