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Season 5 Performance #10: Results

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Season 5 Performance #10: Results

Let's learn about the contestants' friends and family. Mel C of the Spice Girls loves the show. Helio's fellow racers thought it was funny at first, but were then impressed. Geri Halliwell thinks this was a great boost to Mel's confidence. Maks has nice things to say about Mel, and how he's never met anyone like her, and he loves and respects her. And he's having so much fun this season! Usually he's so pouty. I think Maks might be a little in love with her. Helio's family is super-proud as well.

Floyd and Karina come out, and they also won't be dancing tonight. Floyd explains that he's getting ready for a big fight in a week and a half, and he's got a bad ankle and certainly doesn't want to risk getting hurt with so much money on the line. I'm not sad about that.

My local affiliate screws up coming back from commercial, so we start right in the middle of Mark and Kym doing their "King Of The Road" routine.

Remember weeks five and six? There was a lot of drama, including Marie fainting, Jane getting food poisoning, and Sabrina getting eliminated.

Speaking of Sabrina, she's back to do her cha-cha-cha. She looks like her legs are a lot more toned than they were during the competition. And the routine she just performed was better than anything we saw last night, for sure. The audience gives Sabrina an extended standing ovation. Tom reminds everyone that these two will be on the tour.

Samantha goes over to talk to Drew and Apolo. Drew says that the dancing was great this season, but he sort of resents the judges continually saying that this was the best season ever. Apolo says that the show makes you a better person somehow.

Jane and Tony are back to do their Viennese Waltz. They do an actual lift this time, since it's allowed, and blow kisses to the judges at the end. Something about Tony rubs me the wrong way. I think it's his teeth. He looks like he would cheat you out of money.

Another clip package! Remember when Len got annoyed with Cameron for showing so much bare chest? And Helio kissed Julianne and got a perfect score? And Jennie said that elimination night was her favorite part of the show?

Cameron and Edyta are back to do their Superman paso doble. Man, those are some tight pants that Cameron is wearing. When you look at the best dances of each contestant (minus Wayne and Floyd), the level of dancing is pretty impressive.

Cameron actually removes his shirt, as he promised he would do in the finals, and hands it to Samantha. The ladies in the crowd go nuts, and Tom can't settle them down. He tries to plug Dance Wars, which Drew Lachey is hosting. Drew jokes that he can't follow Cameron's performance, and Bruno starts to take off his shirt while Drew pretends to take off his pants. But Drew calms down enough to explain the premise of the show, which sounds pretty boring.

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