Dancing With The Stars
Season 5 Performance #10: Results

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Season 5 Performance #10: Results

So who will win? Finally, it's time for the announcements. The judges' scores from both nights have been combined with the viewer votes. One more time to see Mel look like she's about to cry. One more time watching Helio keep a poker face. The crowd in the room seems to favor Helio and Julianne. Tom announces that the winners are...Helio and Julianne. Helio's whole family hugs him. You know who's not there? Helio's fiancée, whom I think he broke up with halfway through the season. Scandal! Tom tells Julianne that she tied Cheryl's record with two wins in a row. Someone brings Helio some milk, like they drink when they win the Indy 500. Samantha wants a word with Mel and Maks. Mel says she's enjoyed being with Maks the most. Maks thinks Mel is an amazing person, because Samantha doesn't know how to ask a question to save her life. She basically tells them, "You really dig each other. Comment?"

Tom hands Helio his trophy, and the other former contestants come out onto the floor to congratulate them. It seems like everyone goes to Mel first, but I guess she probably needs more comforting. Someone lifts Mel up in the air, but I can't tell who it is. Tom promises that they'll be back next year. March, I hear. See you then!

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