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Season 5 Performance #10

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Season 5 Performance #10

Three months ago, twelve stars began the competition. I've mostly forgotten all of them. Mark Cuban? Albert Reed? Who? And now only three are left. And it's LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Wow, Samantha's boobs looks GIGANTIC tonight. But we only get a quick look at them before the finalists are introduced. In case you've been in a coma, they are Marie and Jonathan, Mel and Maks, and Helio and Julianne. And the Spice Girls are in the audience! I just saw Posh and Baby. Samantha and Tom explain that the couples will perform one routine that the judges chose, and then a freestyle.

Mel and Maks: Last week, they rocked the house. Um, I'm kind of biased. Maks lets Mel celebrate making the finals for a minute, but then he tells her to get to work. Mel explains that their freestyle is going to be hip and young and fun. Mel invited some of the backup dancers from the Spice Girls tour to put some hip-hop into the routine. Maks says that he's been dancing for a long time but this was a challenge. The judges picked the cha-cha, which was Mel's first-week dance.

The Dance: The cha-cha, as mentioned. They start out with this whole skit where Mel sits on her husband's lap and refuses to dance at first, which is kind of unnecessary. Maks's pants are weirdly high-waisted, but the dance is very disco-y, which I like. They're totally in sync. It wasn't flashy, but it was well done.

The Judges: Len thought the routine was crisp and precise, even if it had some funny bits (the disco parts). Bruno can't believe Mel's improvement over two months, and Mel points to her bum. Carrie Ann thought the moves were precise, but she was looking for a little more excitement. I kind of agree, but Bruno doesn't. Backstage, Mel talks about how she's learned a huge amount since the first week, and she thanks the Spice Girls for being there. The scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 10. That's a 28 out of 30.

While Mel and Maks head backstage, Tom explains how this will work. Tomorrow night, one couple will be immediately eliminated. Then the other two couples will do one more routine, get scored by the judges, and the phone votes will be added to that total as well to determine the winner. That seems overly complicated, but the results show is two hours long, so they've got to do something, I guess.

Marie and Jonathan: Marie can't believe that she made it to the finals, and she's grateful to her fans. In rehearsal, Jonathan and Marie practice lifts. Marie says she may be old, but she's got guts. Then Marie and Jonathan get on a mechanical platform and try to spy on Helio and Julianne, which was dumb. The judges have chosen the samba for Marie, which is the routine that made her faint. Love the judges.

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