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Season 5 Performance #2: Results

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Season 5 Performance #2: Results

Tom reminds us that, last night, some stars picked up the pace (Helio, Sabrina) while others lagged behind (WAYNE!), and I don't know if you knew this, but this show is LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! Drew joins Tom to tell us that tonight, Queen Latifah will be joining us, along with Jimmy Kimmel (yay?).

Last night...well, either you watched it, or you read the weecap, or you should read the weecap or watch the episode online or whatever, so I'm not going to re-recap it, except for the new interview stuff if it's interesting. Marie jokes that Bruno called her a hot Latina mama, and she realizes all the Latinas watching are doubting that, but she's hot due to hot flashes. Ah, menopause humor. Actually probably the right move for the target demographic. Jane joked that she was barely dressed, and it still wasn't raunchy enough for Len. They show Jennie's wipeout about a million times, and Jennie acts like her boob popped out or something, which would actually be worth being embarrassed about. But it didn't. She fell. She needs to move past it.

Tom and Drew ask Len who they want to see perform an encore. Len chooses Helio and Julianne to do the mambo. They perform again, and Helio gets a little ahead of the beat at one point, but Julianne pulls him back on track. As someone pointed out on the forums, though, Helio doesn't have great hip action, but it's covered by his long coat. If he doesn't improve, that's going to become more apparent as the field gets whittled down.

Drew and Tom review the scores from worst to first. Tom has to deliver the sad news that Jane Seymour's mom passed away in England last night, so Jane has gone back to England. It's even more sad, because the whole reason Jane wanted to be on the show was because her mom loved the British version of the show so much. Tom reveals that Jane and Tony are safe, and that Jane has decided to continue in the competition. Sure. From what I read, her mom was ill for some time, and while the death of a parent is never easy, maybe focusing on competing will help her to feel like she's doing something to remember her mom as well as keep her busy. Or whatever -- whichever way she decided to go would have been understandable. Anyway, Tom reveals that, to the surprise of no one, Helio and Julianne are also safe. And Queen Latifah is coming up! Drew even makes fun of Tom going "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE" which earns Drew a few points in my book.

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