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Season 5 Performance #2: Results

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Season 5 Performance #2: Results

It's time to find out one more safe couple, and it's Mark and Kym! WOW! My husband is making fun of me for getting it wrong. Of course, he refused to go out on a limb and make a pick. Every time they throw to commercial, they say that "the elimination continues," and that just makes me think of poop. I can't be the only one.

Queen Latifah is back, and Tony and Anna will be dancing as she sings a jazzy version of "California Dreamin'" by The Mamas and the Papas. After that ends, we get to hear from the professional dancers talk about this season's celebrities. Julianne thinks that the celebrities need to have performance, technique, and a fanbase as never before. In terms of performance, Edyta thinks Mel B. is the one to beat, while Marie and Mark also get mentions. For technique, Jonathan is impressed with Sabrina, and others enjoy Helio's precision, Jennie's arms, and Jane in general. When talking about a fanbase, Cameron has a huge one, as does Wayne Newton. Albert didn't have much fanbase coming in, but now everyone knows him. All of the pros can agree that it's anyone's competition at this point.

Drew talks to Marie and Jonathan backstage. Marie says it's stressful, especially standing there waiting to hear who is safe and listening to the heartbeat sound. Cameron says that he feels vulnerable, and not just because his shirt is unbuttoned to his navel.

In an interview, we hear from Wayne about how difficult and pressure-filled the show is. Cameron says he's never experienced pressure like this. Jennie says that everyone is freaking out backstage. Jane was terrified to go on the dance floor for the first time, because it was a totally different environment from rehearsal. Albert says he's addicted to the adrenaline of the competition now.

Five couples are safe, and now we'll find out two more who will be joining them next week. The first is Marie and Jonathan (whom Tom jokingly called Jonny and Marie, which totally threw me off). Also back next week are Floyd and Karina. Still in jeopardy are Jennie, Albert, Cameron, and Wayne. It had better be Wayne who goes home.

And now we're going to find out who is safe and who is in the bottom two. Jennie and Derek took a spill last night. Wayne and Cheryl's quickstep wasn't quick enough. Cameron and Edyta danced well, but was it enough? Albert and Anna were known as dark horses. Jennie and Derek are safe. Wayne and Cheryl are in the bottom two. They don't look surprised. Cameron and Edyta are safe. Cameron is shocked. Albert and Anna are also in the bottom two. Albert looks like he's about to throw up. Tom says we're actually not going to break for commercials right now for once. Len is shocked to see Albert in the bottom two, because he has so much potential. Bruno calls Wayne an American legend, but this season has so much talent that Wayne will really need to lean on Cheryl to learn technique. Cheryl won't pick which one she thinks is going home, unlike me. Of course, I was wrong, so maybe Cheryl is right here.

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