Dancing With The Stars
Season 5 Performance #3: Results

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Season 5 Performance #3: Results

Time to reveal the next two safe couples: Sabrina and Mark, along with Cameron and Edyta. So still in danger are Helio, Mark, Wayne, and Floyd. Drew announces that it will definitely be a man eliminated tonight.

After a break, we're going to find out the two safe couples, as well as the bottom two. Helio and Julianne are safe. Mark and Kym are safe. They can't believe it, and think they must have heard it wrong. I know Mark has lost a lot of weight due to the training, but he's looking like a corpse tonight. Anyway, that means that Wayne and Floyd are in the bottom two with their partners. Tom asks Bruno to give advice to Floyd on next week's paso doble if he gets to come back. Bruno thinks it will be perfect for Floyd's demeanor. Carrie Ann advises Wayne to own the dance. Len tells Floyd to put in the work and listen to Karina, and that he could go all the way.

So who's going home? Wayne, his ten pounds of pancake makeup, and Cheryl. Wayne says that he stepped out of his comfort zone for this show, and that it's been wonderful. Cheryl tells Wayne that he is a phenomenal man, and that she's been honored to work with him. Wayne says that he'll really miss the cast, crew, orchestra, and Cheryl. He thanks his wife and two daughters, as well as his agent. Wayne and Cheryl head out to do their last dance. Tom gives Drew a nice handshake and a "You done good, kid." Aw, I'll miss you, Drew. And then the band plays "Had A Bad Day," like Idol doesn't own that one. Good one, musical director.

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