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Season 5 Performance #3

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Season 5 Performance #3

Judges? Carrie Ann thought it was a bit G-rated for a tango, but she did like it, because they took a chance. Len likes Cameron's posture and hold, but he thought it lacked some of the characteristic tango moves. Bruno interrupts to say that he disagrees, because he thought Cameron was like a ladykiller, Len clarifies that he thought it had too much attack and not enough slow. Bruno clearly disagrees, but lets it go. Backstage, Cameron says that he thinks Edyta is dragging the dancer out of him. Scores? Carrie Ann gives an 8, Len gives a 7, and Bruno gives an 8. When they cut to the judges, Bruno is making a shushing gesture to someone and waving his hands around. What is up with him?

I like how, this season, when we come back from break, Tom and Drew are always dancing. Maybe they always did and I never noticed. Last week, Mark and Kym got poor scores from the judges, but the fans saved them. This week, they're learning the jive, which really puts the hurt on Mark's bad hip. At one point, Mark really hurts himself and starts rolling around on the floor. I think there's a bit of fake drama there, because then he immediately gets up and starts dancing again. Mark says he doesn't want people feeling sorry for him, because he knew what he was getting into. Well, that's good, because I don't. Oh, dear. At one point, Mark gets a half-beat ahead, so their moves are out of sync. He manages to pull it back together, though. One thing that bugs me about Mark is his dancing face. It looks like that super-fake smile cheerleaders put on during competitions with mouth wide open and lots of eyebrow gestures. Anyway, it's okay, but not as energetic as Sabrina's.

Let's go to the judges. Bruno thinks Mark has more control and precision, but needs to be a bit lighter on his feet. Carrie Ann knows Mark is inexperienced, but he still has work to do. She advises him to use his shoulders more and own the space, instead of dancing with his face. Len compliments Kym's choreography, and says that Mark came out to entertain, even though he dropped his basket a bit there in the middle. Everyone thinks Mark has shown improvement, though. Backstage, Mark says that this whole week, he's been thinking about the fans who saved him last week. Let's hear the scores: Carrie Ann 6, Len 7, and Bruno 7.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, we're back. Last week, Derek and Jennie fell. And it was shown over and over and over. Jennie was really upset about it, and felt she had let everyone down. During rehearsal, Derek advises her to stop being upset, and instead to get angry, which fits in with the tango. Jennie thinks they have a chance to redeem themselves. They begin with Derek dragging Jennie out on the dance floor on his back. Jennie needs to work on her facial expressions; instead of arrogant/angry, she looks bored/constipated. But her footwork is good, and it seems quite intense, and she doesn't screw up, so it's all good. The audience gives them a standing ovation.

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