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Season 5 Performance #3

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Season 5 Performance #3

Wayne was in the bottom two last week. Cheryl and Wayne practice the tango. Cheryl talks about how the tango comes from Argentinean cowboys, and Wayne takes her to his ranch. Cheryl uses a nearby horse to demonstrate the type of attitude and gait Wayne needs to have. Cheryl has pulled out all the stops to distract from Wayne's bad dancing this week. She's got a fan, she's barely wearing any clothes, and her dress is very frilly. Wayne has the aforementioned faux-nytail, which is gross. And about as natural-looking as his regular hair. The tango is actually not a terrible dance for Wayne, in terms of the slow steps. But he can't pull off the intricate footwork in the same way that the others have been able to do.

Carrie Ann likes how Wayne created and stayed in character. She felt at times that Cheryl was leading him, which is not good. Bruno calls Wayne a cross between Errol Flynn, Captain Hook, and Steven Seagal. Bruno tells Wayne he has to take over the lead. Len tells Wayne he looked like the cat from Shrek in the beginning, but he spent so much time on the character that the dance moves disappeared. Len did like the style and tone, though. The audience does not boo like they do when Len says mean things to other people. The scores this week are 6, 6, and 6, which is an improvement over last week. Backstage, Wayne tells us that he's lost a great deal of weight. Drew asks Cheryl what version of Wayne we're going to see next, after Vegas Wayne and Gaucho Wayne. Cheryl totally doesn't answer the question and says that she thinks Wayne is a great guy and she's enjoyed working with him. Y'all? I think Cheryl is ready to be done with Wayne.

Floyd and Karina! Floyd thinks he'll do well at the jive, because it involves a lot of leg movement, which he's used to. He's also willing to work hard to get it. Karina comments that Floyd seems to love the jive, and she's seen a huge change in him. Floyd starts out the dance with some crazy jump-rope moves, and I'm kind of afraid he's going to ship someone in the audience. Floyd certainly has a lot of energy, but he really needs to work on not sticking his butt out so much and unhunching his shoulders. He really seems to enjoy all the pelvic thrusts -- maybe a bit too much. Overall? Eh.

Len thinks that Floyd pulled through on his promise to learn the dance, but he needs to practice in his dance shoes so he gets used to pointing his toes correctly. Carrie Ann liked the energy, but she thought it lacked structure and detail. Bruno thinks Floyd has rhythm, but he needs to work on the technique a little more. Backstage, Drew asks if the other contestants should be worried, and Floyd says that he has a fight on December 8th. He gets in a few plugs for the pay-per-view. Scores: 7, 7, and 7.

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