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Season 5 Performance #3

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Season 5 Performance #3

Now Jane and Tony are up. Jane talks about how, right after her dance, she found out that her mother died. She explains that her mother had a stroke right after Christmas, and couldn't speak. She had always loved the English version of the show, and she spoke for the first time when Jane told her she was going on the American version. Jane channeled all of her emotions into the tango, and she's dedicating it to her mother, who she knows would be proud. Jane and Tony's tango is really beautiful. Jane just has such elegant, beautiful lines that really work for this particular dance style. My only criticism would be her facial expressions; she sometimes looks like she's gritting her teeth when she's trying to look intense.

Bruno tells Jane that they've all been thinking of her, and he thinks her performance was "worthy of a silent movie queen." Len thinks that Jane really nailed the acting part of it, and it could have been on pay-per-view. Carrie Ann gets all choked up as she talks about Jane putting her emotions into the dance. Jane and Tony are very huggy-kissy. Stacy Keach better watch his woman! The judges' scores are 9, 9, and 9. And the nice thing is, they totally earned it, and it's not just a sympathy vote. Jane talks about how Tony has been there for her, and how the dance was therapeutic for her this week.

What about Helio and Julianne? Last week, they scored really well, and they started rehearsing only one hour after the show. Helio wants to practice his jump over and over again, and in one iteration, he twists his ankle, but he assures us that he can handle it. Julianne has the Olivia Newton-John headband on this week, which I kind of hate. They start with a giant leap off the platform. Helio executes his jump, and it's a little scary, but he lands it without injury. Overall, the dance is really good, between the footwork and the precision and the energy, and they end with some sort of slide that seems like it might have been a fall, and Julianne's dress almost fell off. Tom asks what happened as they limp over to the judges' station. Helio managed to tear his pants and bloody his knee.

Carrie Ann makes sure Helio is okay before she starts. She compliments how contagious his fun is, but she says he needs to focus on the moments when he's open and expressive. Bruno thinks Helio raised the bar high in previous weeks, and this week wasn't as clean and precise as he usually is. The audience boos. Note they didn't do that for Wayne. Len thinks Helio turned it on when it was needed. Backstage, Drew jokingly accuses Helio of working the sympathy vote with his limp. The judges' scores are 8, 8, and 8, which is not bad at all, although it's lower than they are used to.

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