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Season 5 Performance #3

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Season 5 Performance #3

One more dancer left: Marie Osmond with Jonathan, who looks more and more like a young Donny each week. They'll be doing a tango this week, and Jonathan explains that Marie is "the queen of drama" instead of a drama queen. Donny shows up, I think because he can't stand Marie in the spotlight without him. Seriously, there is no reason for him to be there. They begin their tango, and Marie pours on the drama. Their song is all about a female dancing teacher showing men how to do the tango, and Marie really acts it out. I think she had some lip injections or something this week, because her mouth is looking quite pouty. Her face overall is kind of jacked up -- more than usual. It's hard to compliment her acting ability when her face doesn't move.

Len thinks Marie was "absolutely elegant," and has surprised him, but she needs to lift her ribcage a bit more. Marie protests that she's had too many babies. Carrie Ann says that Marie reminds her of Lucille Ball, and she knows how to walk the line between camp and seriousness. Bruno agrees, and calls Marie "the Meryl Streep of dance." Backstage, Marie jokes that this was a labor of love, and she needs an epidural. Judges scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 9. Not bad! Marie is thrilled.

So let's look at the overall scores:
Sabrina and Mark - 27
Mel and Maksim - 27
Jane and Tony - 27
Jennie and Derek - 26
Marie and Jonathan - 26
Helio and Julianne - 24
Cameron and Edyta - 23
Floyd and Karina - 21
Mark and Kym - 20
Wayne and Cheryl - 18

My pick to go home? Wayne. I think when Cheryl is practically begging to go home, it's time. And I think after last week's surprise, there will be more people voting for Anyone But Wayne. But I've been wrong many, many times before.

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