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Season 5 Performance #4: Results

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Season 5 Performance #4: Results

Clip package on partnerships, featuring famous partners. Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Rev Run and Russell Simmons. Joan and Melissa Rivers. They all talk about how important trust is. They also discuss respect. And how can you discuss partnership without discussing chemistry?

Tom segues to another safe/not-safe reveal. And who is safe? Mark and Kim! Wow. Mark is surprised and elated. Floyd and Karina? They're in the bottom two. I figured at least one of those two couples would be. But that means that Helio, Jennie, Marie, Jane, or Mel is also in the bottom two.

Samantha is backstage with Mark and Kym, along with Mel and Maks, who are relaxed and goofing around. They don't seem worried. Mark thanks the fans who voted and kept them in, even though the judges put them in last place. Samantha asks Mel if she's nervous. Wow, great question. Not.

Clip package on fear. Helio says that some people control their fear better than others. Marie runs down how she's not scared to sing in front of people, but she's afraid to dance. Mel says that if you screw up, there's no do-over. Jane has been having nightmares about blanking out and forgetting the steps. Cameron is worried he'll drop Edyta. Sabrina is scared of walking down the stairs in the beginning. I can't believe no one has done that. ["I'm pretty sure Cameron fell when he was entering down the stairs for literally the first time this season." -- Miss Alli] Jennie's biggest fear was falling, and then she did it, so now she knows that it's not the end of the world. Floyd has no fear. Mark uses his fear of failure as motivation. Jennie concludes that you never know what's going to happen.

Two more fates revealed. Jennie and Derek? Safe. Julianne and Helio? Also safe. And now we wait to see if the other person in the bottom two will be Marie, Jane, or Mel.

Finally, after another set of commercials, it's time for the main event. I normally watch this show time-delayed, so I fast-forward through commercials. How do people watch live television? There are so many commercials! Anyway, first let's hear about Marie and Jonathan. They're safe. What about Mel and Maks? They're in the bottom two! Samantha actually pauses dramatically before revealing that Jane and Tony are safe, like we couldn't do the math. Tom talks to the judges, and Bruno actually admits that Mel doesn't deserve to go home. Wow! They should ask Bruno every week.

So who's going home? Floyd and Karina. Well, that's about right. The judges give them a standing ovation. Floyd is grateful that he made it so far, and he had a great time. He's actually very gracious about it. Karina says that she got to know the real Floyd, and he's amazing. Tom points out that Floyd can now train full time for his upcoming fight. Floyd and Karina head to the floor as Samantha reminds us that next week is Latin night. The kiss-off song this week is Supertramp, "Take the Long Way Home." Everyone hugs Floyd as the show ends.

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