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Season 5 Performance #5: Results

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Season 5 Performance #5: Results

Time to find out the fates of two more couples. Jennie and Derek are safe. Mark and Kym are in the bottom two. After another commercial break, we find out who joins them in the bottom two. Will it be Marie and Jonathan, Jane and Tony, or Helio and Julianne? Marie and Jonathan are safe. Also safe are Helio and Julianne. That means Jane and Tony are in the bottom two. The way Tom announced it, Julianne and Helio weren't sure if they were safe or not, which was kind of hilarious.

Before we find out who's going home, we get to hear from the judges. Carrie Ann is shocked, but knows the level of competition is intense. Bruno thinks that if Mark goes home, we would lose a good sport and an entertainer. Len doesn't want to pick, of course, but says he would have to hope that Jane stays, because of her class and elegance. But who is going home? Mark and Kym. Finally. I couldn't take the buffoon much longer. Although that does mean that I don't hate anyone who's left, which means I'll be at least a little sad when each of them leave. Mark reveals that he's lost thirty pounds and gained new friends and respect for ballroom dance. Mark shakes the judges' hands before heading out to the floor for his final dance. Next week, each couple will have a solo dance as well as a group dance.

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