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Season 5 Performance #6: Results

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Season 5 Performance #6: Results

How do the stars get along backstage? Jennie is surprised that they all get along, being from such different arenas. Marie and Jane bond over their age. Sabrina and Jennie both have sunny personalities. Mel and Helio have a bond. Marie offers everyone advice and cheerleading. Sabrina feels like the little sister, and everyone teases her. Jane thinks the competition is intense underneath it all. Jennie thinks she is the most scared. Helio thinks Sabrina is the most competitive. Cameron reminds us that, ultimately, only one person can win.

Let's find out the fates of two more couples. Helio and Julianne are...safe. Marie and Jonathan are...going to have to wait until after the break to find out their fate. Marie is pale as a ghost. I hope she doesn't faint!

So now they are going to reveal who is in the bottom two out of the remaining four couples. Sabrina looks like she's going to puke, and Mark looks extremely nervous. Cameron and Edyta are in the bottom two. Jennie and Derek are safe. Marie and Jonathan are safe. Marie almost faints again, and Jonathan has to steady her. That means that Sabrina and Mark are the other couple in the bottom two.

What do the judges think? Carrie Ann talks about Cameron's momentum and improvement over the past few weeks. Len thinks there have been some bizarre things going on, and that Sabrina should be in the finals. Bruno thinks this is "total madness." Seriously. Jane should be going home. I think Jane has been doing more press than some of the others -- she was on all the entertainment shows tonight, talking about her friendship with Christopher Reeve and whatnot. Entertainment Tonight was practically like Jane-tertainment Tonight

So who's going home? Sabrina and Mark. Wow. I'm surprised, but not unhappy. The studio audience boos. Tom admits that he had Sabrina pegged for the finals. Sabrina manages to recover enough to thank everyone for the opportunity. Carrie Ann is crying. Mark and Sabrina hug and take the floor for their last dance. I can't say I'm upset that she's leaving, but I don't think it was deserved. But it was surprising, so Samantha was right about something.

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