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Season 5 Performance #6

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Season 5 Performance #6

Do the judges agree? Carrie Ann enjoyed the energy and vibrance, but thought it wasn't Jane's best. Len doesn't think the jive was suited for Jane, but he still thinks she's great. Bruno doesn't think Jane was "rough and ready" enough for this, and it lacked precision and sharpness. After the break, it's time for the scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, Bruno 7. The audience boos. Backstage, Jane says that she's having a great time, and she wants to stick around. Samantha talks a lot of nonsense as usual. Seriously, I have no idea what she was talking about.

Cameron and Edyta. As they rehearse their samba, Cameron is overwhelmed by how quick the samba is, and doesn't think he can move that quickly. Edyta wants to make sure they have fun with the routine, so she takes Cameron to a Brazilian restaurant, and he talks to some native Brazilians to get the feel for the culture. Edyta is wearing one of those Olivia Newton-John "Let's Get Physical" headbands, which has to be the most unflattering hairstyle for anyone. Their routine seems technically very good, and Cameron's hip action is pretty decent for someone who was so stiff in the beginning, but overall, it's kind of blah. Cameron kind of screws up the ending, too. Seriously, why is Bob the Bachelor in the audience every week? Does he have a real job? Oh, isn't his wife on Cameron's soap? Still.

What did Len think? He thinks it was technically good, but they didn't capture the spirit of samba. Bruno wonders about their Pocahontas outfits (me too!), and questions the choreography. Carrie Ann got the message, which was that it was primal, and had "a jungle vibe." She tries to explain it to the male judges, but they're not buying it. Before the break, a quick look at the chaos of the group dance rehearsal -- I can't wait! After the break, time for scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Cameron is happy with the scores, because he didn't think he did that well. Samantha wonders why the men are all getting eliminated this season, and Cameron says it's because the women are so good. Samantha gets all serious and asks Cameron if he's going to take his shirt off if he makes it through. She was actually almost funny there. Cameron says he'll do it in the finals, if that's what it takes.

Last week, Mel and Maks battled their way out of the bottom two. This week, they will be doing the rumba. Maks explains that it's all about passion and love/hate, which Mel thinks is perfect for their relationship. Mel thinks they just need to put their emotional rollercoaster into the dance, and they'll succeed. Maks starts with his same old "walk out onto the dance floor" thing, which I'm kind of over. So far in this routine, I've seen all of the love and none of the hate. It ends with a walk off the floor, and they both sit in the judges' laps. Eh.

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