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Season 5 Performance #6

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Season 5 Performance #6

The dancers show up for the rehearsal for the group rock-and-roll jive. The dancers get broken up into two rival gangs – the greasers and the jocks. Jennie is impressed that Sabrina can see a move once and get it immediately. The exciting thing is that the dancers are allowed to do lifts in this routine. There's lots of fumbling and tossing people around. Mel points out that they only have one rehearsal, so it could turn out really badly. Sabrina sees a lot of potential for disaster, which introduces a montage of people running into each other. Ooh! They are pretty much promising me that someone will take a digger or knock heads. They better deliver, SHOW.

The groups start out facing each other. The jocks are: Jennie and Derek, Marie and Jonathan, and Edyta and Cameron. The greasers are: Mel and Maks, Sabrina and Mark, Jane (wearing a platinum wig) and Tony, and Helio and Julianne. The Happy Days set they used for rehearsal is totally gone -- they dressed that whole set just for the rehearsal scenes? Kind of a waste. It's action-packed all right, if a bit chaotic. I see a lot of people missing steps, but no one really falling down. The winners in the individual stunt category: Sabrina, who actually flips Mark, and Julianne, who vaults over Helio's head.

The judges don't get to score, but they do get their say. Bruno thanks them for making this the most exciting season to date. Carrie Ann loved it and is sure to mention the lifts. Len says he enjoyed the camaraderie, and that he understands why no one wants to leave.

Final standings:
Mel and Maks: 30
Helio and Julianne: 28
Jennie and Derek: 27
Sabrina and Mark: 25
Cameron and Edyta: 25
Marie and Jonathan: 23
Jane and Tony: 22

Who's going home? I think it's Marie. I think she should have gone last week, but people felt bad for her so she got the sympathy vote. Jane had an off week, but overall, she's been stronger. Then again, Marie's got the doll collector vote, so there's that. Find out tomorrow night!

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