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Season 5 Performance #7: Results

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Season 5 Performance #7: Results

Last night, it was double the dancing, as each couple had to perform two different routines, one Latin, and one ballroom. After last night's scores, there are no clear leaders, so anyone could go home. And, it's LIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

Tom announces that Marie isn't there tonight because her father passed away this morning. Man, this season is rocky. Samantha explains that Marie and Jonathan are safe, so no worries there. How awkward would it have been if she got eliminated? I'll answer: really freaking awkward.

Did the dancers have anything interesting to say in the backstage confessionals? I have to be honest -- not really. Nothing controversial, and nothing you wouldn't expect. In fact, make up your own responses to the judges, and they're probably more interesting than what was actually said. The only one vaguely amusing is Maks actually letting out a hoot and holler, when he's normally so reserved and cool, and Mel giggling at him.

Who's going to do the encore? Mel and Maks doing the paso doble, which is no surprise, since they were the only perfect score last night. Their encore is just as good as the original, although maybe a smidge less intense since there's nothing at stake. But still very well done.

Samantha joins Jonathan backstage to get an update on Marie. He explains that Marie is with her family, and had spoken to her father that afternoon to tell him that the quickstep was dedicated to him. It's sad, but her father was 90 years old; I hope the family can take some comfort in the fact that he had a long life and that his family has enjoyed such success. ["Seriously; I can't speak to the situation, but I have to think a sendoff that involves your daughter dancing and dedicating it to you while clowning around with your son who still loves her so much he can't not act like a goof...that's pretty decent, ways-to-go-out-wise." -- Miss Alli]

And now Leann Rimes is here to sing an acoustic version of "How Do I Live." She's looking quite skinny these days. As she sings, Julianne and Tony come out to do a dance. They perform some pretty amazing lifts. The camera keeps cutting back to Leann Rimes, which is probably in her contract or something, but I'd like to see the people dancing. LeAnn Rimes has some serious eyebrows. Wow, they just did a cool move where Julianne jumped on Tony's back and he grabbed her and swung her around his body and she ended up sliding headfirst down his leg and landing on the floor. I guess you kind of had to see it.

Audience thoughts. Pointless. The only person specifically mentioned as deserving to go home is Jane.

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