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Season 5 Performance #8

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Season 5 Performance #8

The Dance: the rumba. It's pretty, but I don't find it particularly sexy. I don't know that Marie does sexy very well. Spunky? Sure. Cute? Yes. But not really sexy. They show Donny in the audience, tears in his eyes. Camera hog.

The Judges: Carrie Ann thinks Marie plays to her strengths, but she thinks the dance could use more content. Len thinks there needs to be more hip action. He makes the mistake of saying that they might not have done as well as expected because it's a dance for young people. Len recovers by saying that it was sophisticated. Bruno thinks Marie has the tone down, but needs more content. I have to believe Jonathan might have dumbed down the dances a little, given that Marie had a shitty week. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Well, it seems like the floor is set at 8 this week. Backstage, Samantha expresses her condolences. Marie explains that she read a Bible verse that says there is a time to mourn and a time to dance, and she feels good about her decision to continue in the competition.

Helio and Julianne: Last week, Helio was told to work on technique. Julianne reviews the videotape with Helio, and then calls in a "pit crew" to help him out. Tony is there to help with technique, Corky is there to teach Helio the paso doble, and Heather is there to help with Helio's attitude. That was a dumb segment.

The Dance: the paso doble. Helio and Julianne both have dramatic capes. Helio does a great job with his posture, but the dance just isn't as dramatic as Julianne's routines usually are, in my opinion. They are psyched at the end, and clearly think they did great. The audience goes nuts.

The Judges: Len liked their cape work. Bruno thinks it was mission accomplished, and he liked Helio's presence. Carrie Ann liked Helio's intensity and attention to detail, which is what it takes to make the finals. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Julianne and Helio seem happy, though I think they were expecting at least one 10.

Mel and Maks: Tom explains that Mel is the only person left in the competition who has scored a perfect 30, and she's done it twice. But that doesn't mean she doesn't need your votes! Mel's husband stops by the practice to try to motivate Mel to be angry and aggressive during the tango. He starts listing off all the annoying things he does to piss her off, which seems to be working. I'm sure it's a bit, but it's a little scary how many there are, considering these two are newlyweds.

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