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Season 5 Performance #9: Results

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Season 5 Performance #9: Results

Michael Flatley. Lord of the Dance. Lots of legs flying about. Not really my bag, but clearly lots of people do like it. They always sell a lot of tickets on their tours. At the end, Michael Flatley spends like five minutes walking around and cheering at the crowd. What in the hell was that?

Now there's a segment on the media coverage of the show. Basically, the members of the "media" (I use that term loosely, given that we see people like Nancy O'Dell and Mark McGrath) talk about how great the show is. Stop selling me! I'm already watching it!

Avril Lavigne is back to sing "Complicated" while Sabrina and Mark dance. Damn, Avril's engagement ring is HUGE. Her backup singer is way out of tune. I guess it's great that it's live and not lip-synched. The crowd goes wild when Sabrina and Mark come out. They do a lift spin that they wouldn't be allowed to do in the competition. Sabrina's face looks different somehow, but they aren't showing her close up, so I can't really see it. They do some pretty amazing lifts and stunts. They finish the routine lying on the floor, spooning. Interesting. They aren't even going to interview them? Huh.

Clip package about how shocked the contestants are to still be in it. Jennie thinks she brings emotion to the competition, and that she's been real about her feelings throughout. Derek thinks Jennie has improved more than anyone, not that he's biased. Marie feels she has a work ethic and can perform under pressure. Jonathan thinks Marie brings personality to every dance. Mel thinks she brings fun to the competition. Maks thinks Mel has natural dance ability. Helio brings a lot of energy. Julianne thinks Helio has personality, charisma, and work ethic. All of the contestants claim that they're in it to win it.

Now we find out one more couple who will be in the finals. And it's...Mel and Maks. Yay! My husband is disappointed, because he likes to see Mel suffer. She does make some awesome facial expressions.

So that means it's time to find out who's going home. Will it be Jennie and Derek, or Helio and Julianne? Let's find out what the judges think. Carrie Ann talks about how Jennie has struggled throughout, but says she had a breakthrough, and Carrie Ann wants to see more. Bruno is impressed with Helio's dancing and his showmanship. Len gets the tough question -- who should go and who should stay? Len says he wants to see both of them stay, because he wants the best dancers. So he clearly thought Marie should go home. But if he had to pick, he thinks Helio and Julianne should stay due to their consistancy.

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