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Season 5 Performance #9

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Season 5 Performance #9

This week, the couples got a master Latin class from Len, who apparently flew around L.A. via helicopter. Marie is up first, and Len says he wants to work on her hip action for her mambo. Len does an exercise with her to get her to really roll her hips around, and you can see quite a difference. Next, Len goes to help Helio with his footwork. He says that Helio only touches his toes to the ground, instead of his whole foot. Len and Helio dance together, and Len nearly kisses Helio. Helio doesn't like that. Len heads off to help Jennie with her arms, which she sometimes overextends. She does! He's totally right, and it does mess up her posture. Jennie squeals over how much she loves Len. Finally, Len is off to see Mel. He thinks Mel spends too much time looking down at her feet, and needs to make her movements more sharp. Len recaps what each performer needs to improve in order to make the finals. I kind of want to take a master class from Len.

Marie and Jonathan Take Two: The mambo. My grandma went to Puerto Rico when I was a kid and she bought me home a doll that looked exactly like Marie in this routine. It's kind of freaking me out. Marie's posture during the mambo is terrible. She's all over the place, and she's very flat-footed. This whole routine just feels like moving from one stunt to the next without a whole lot of actual dancing.

The judges: Bruno thinks it was "dizzily madcap," and frenetic. Carrie Ann loved it, but thought Marie missed a few steps. Len saw a lot of that hip action, and really enjoys Marie's energy. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9. Marie's fake eyelashes are totally falling off. Their total score is 56 out of 60.

Mel and Maks Take Two: The paso doble. I never thought I would say this, but I think I'm rooting for these two to win. And this is coming from a lifelong Maks-hater. Mel's body looks amazing. There's a whole section with Mel using a whip. And I think Maks is taking over the "mostly naked" crown from Cameron. The dance is great, though not as good as their first one.

The judges: Carrie Ann thought it was powerful and fantastic. Len thought they might be wrong to redo a dance where they got a perfect score the first time. Then there's a whole moment where they make jokes about the whip before Len says it was fantastic. Bruno thinks it was satisfaction guaranteed, and enjoyed the precision of Mel's footwork. He tells Mel that she's a star. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, and Bruno 10. So they have a total of 60 out of 60. Mel can't stop laughing at Maks being goofy, which is why I enjoy these two, and I enjoy him with her.

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