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Season 6 Performance #1: Men

Tom takes to the floor and points out Mel B in the audience. She can't resist giving him a few goosings while he tries to announce the next contender, Mario, who is an R and B star. I actually know his one song. I'm not that old! Anyway, Mario says that he's 21, so he's the youngest competitor. His partner is Karina. Mario admits that he's always had a crush on her. They get into the studio, and Karina immediately starts smiling because Mario has got the moves. But then Karina gets a neck injury and needs surgery. Mario rehearses alone and it's super-cheesy as they pretend that he's, like, looking out the door and doing crunches while he waits. She finally returns and they continue rehearsing.

They start dancing, and Mario's very good, but he needs to take the hip-hop out of his dancing style. But he's really, really good, although I feel the choreography is really, really boring. Luckily, Mario's energy kind of carries it. Imagine if he had been paired with Julianne. Judges? Carrie Ann is really impressed with his bravado. Len liked the rhythm and the hip action, but Mario needs to work on his footwork. Bruno says he got excited to see the dance, and he also wants Mario to work on his footwork. Scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8. Mario has their phone number printed on the back of his shirt and encourages people to call in.

Our final dancer is Steve Gutenberg, who you may remember from Three Men and a Baby or Cocoon, or, if you like good movies, Diner. He's paired with Anna. They meet for the first time at the studio, and Steve is happy to have a great teacher. Anna is impressed with Steve's willingness and dedication. Word on the street is that The Gute was practicing like eight hours a day for the last four weeks. Anna says that Steve would understand the steps but couldn't physically make his body do it. I have the same problem when playing drums in Rock Band. Anna took Steve to a real ballroom competition to see how the pros do it, which Steve enjoyed.

Steve and Anna are doing the foxtrot. Steve has got the stiffness problem that some of the other men had, but he's at least doing the moves at the same time as Anna, and she put some flash into it to distract you from Steve's lack of skill. His footwork is terrible, but he's just so gosh-darn cheerful that you want him to do well. And he ends well, which counts for a lot. Everyone cheers for him because you can't help but root for him. Judges? Bruno says it started a little shaky "like a graduate from the Billy Ray School of Dance", and advises him to open up his chest more. Carrie Ann thinks Steve was charming, which goes a long way. Len thought Steve was enjoying himself, and he charmed the audience. Scores? Carrie Ann 6, Len 6, and Bruno 6. I think they gave scores to give room for improvement. Steve is just so enthusiastic about the experience. I love him. Aw, and it's his parents fiftieth wedding anniversary, and he dedicates his performance to them.

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