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Season 6 Performance #1: Men

Tom introduces a clip package about the women. Shannon Elizabeth thinks the men are going down. Marissa Jaret Winokur thinks the women are strong. Kristi Yamaguchi can't wait to hear the live music. Monica Seles will be nervous. Priscilla Presley wishes that the show was taped. Marlee Matlin is ready to start the party. Then there's a lot of talk of how competitive they all are and how ready they are to win. After the clip package ends, Tom goes down the line and talks to each of the women. Shannon Elizabeth and Marissa talk about how the boys (Derek, Mark, and Jonathan) were betting on how the judges would score the male celebrities, and they joined in. I wish I had someone to bet on the scores with. After watching every season, and weecapping the last few, I'm getting really good at predicting what the judges will say.

Tom gives out the male celebs' phone numbers again. Wow, Mario is going to be tough to beat, although he might have trouble with the non-Latin dances. Here are the standings so far:
Mario and Karina: 24
Jason and Edyta: 22
Christian and Cheryl: 21
Steve and Anna: 18
Penn and Kym: 16
Adam and Julianne: 15

Tom reminds us that the women will be dancing tomorrow night and then next week, all of the couples will dance again and get another set of judges' scores. See you tomorrow night!

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