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As the dance ends, Shannon has to sit down to get her breath, and Tom and Derek sit down with her. Bruno likes how she went for it, and suggests that she work on her precision. Len knows that there's no bluffing on the dance floor, and he thought Shannon turned in a good jive. Carrie Ann likes that Shannon surprised them and she's fun to watch. Tom cracks that there's so much heavy breathing going on, he feels like he's sitting next to a 900 number. That's why Tom gets the big bucks -- he can crack a joke like that off the cuff. Can you imagine Samantha cracking that joke without the help of a teleprompter? What about the scores? Carrie Ann 8, Len 8, and Bruno 8 for a total of 24. Backstage, Shannon says that, despite last week's breakthrough, she did not feel more confident this week and she's glad it's over.

Last week, the judges enjoyed the comedy of Adam's mambo but admitted it wasn't quite a mambo. This week, Adam has five days to learn the tango. Throughout rehearsals, Adam laments that he's going to let Julianne down because he's not that good, and Julianne says that she's glad Adam is serious about the dance but she wants to keep Adam's comedy flavor in the routine. So somehow that translated to Julianne donning an auburn wig? The tango begins, and Adam's posture is not great, but his footwork looks pretty good to me and the audience likes it.

Before hearing the judges, Adam thinks that Julianne's wig and covered-up outfit are the work of some gay men in wardrobe and requests some skimpier numbers next week. Judges? Carrie Ann can't believe she's saying this but she thinks that Adam was quite sexy, though the technique wasn't quite there. Bruno thinks Adam has the attitude and he's improving. Len points out what we've all been saying for seasons - that Julianne's choreography covers a multitude of sins. I think Adam has gone from being a joke to being a dancer. Not a good one, but he actually danced in that routine, and Julianne is doing better at choreographing to show off his height. Scores: Carrie Ann 7, Len 7, and Bruno 7 for a total of 21. It's Adam's best score yet, but he thinks Julianne might be disappointed. She assures him that she's proud of his improvement. Adam makes a whole series of jokes about how his grandfather always told him the best person to teach you about an Argentinean dance about prostitutes is a Mormon. Samantha laughs and tries to change the subject and then Adam pretends that he thought Julianne was Jewish. Samantha and Julianne are both too dumb to come up with a funny remark so they fall back on asking people to vote.

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