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Jason Taylor is the final man to dance, and his light gray shirt was a poor choice because he's already pitted out. Adam mentioned on his radio show that the room where they wait to hear scores is like a thousand degrees, plus you're nervous, which leads to sweaty pits. Jason gets frustrated with the jive, and thinks he's going to look like a "fat, uncoordinated slob." He hopes that his hard training will lead to success. Edyta helps the cause by wearing hardly any clothes as usual. And hey, I'd do the same if I had her body. They dance to Ray Charles and...he's really good! I mean, his footwork is good, his posture is good, his facial expressions are good. They do some "wow" moves involving him sliding Edyta between his legs. You can really tell the difference between this dance, where Jason is actually dancing, and some of the other men (Adam and Steve, for example), where the woman is doing all of the dancing and the men are just kind of standing there. I'm really impressed, as is the audience.

Carrie Ann is amazed that Jason moves as well as he does for a big guy. Bruno thought it was restrained and powerful, and he's amazed by some of Jason's lines and grace. Len agrees that the lines and tricks were good, but he thought it didn't have enough jive in it. I thought it had a ton of jive content - lots of kicks and fast footwork. Eh, what do I know? Backstage, Edyta is also amazed by her partner. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 7, and Bruno 8 for a total of 23. I thought it was better than that, but I bet the lower scores will get them some audience votes. Hey, it was Jeff Probst! In the bumper, Tom pretends to have a frog in his throat and Probst comes over and reads the prompter for him.

The final couple to perform are Kristi and Mark, doing the tango. In rehearsal, Mark tries to get Kristi to be not pretty and open with her emotions. He takes her to an acting coach, but she can't stop giggling. As they dance, Mark coaches her to be more intense, but she's just cute and it's tough for her. It's a good thing Marissa didn't have to do the tango. As they begin (to "Rio" by Duran Duran?!?), the footwork and posture looks good, but I think Mark overdoes it with the facial expressions. He's bugging me, actually. Their turns are smooth and it's easy to forget that they're not both professionals when you see their routine.

Len liked that Mark just got into the dance and didn't mess about with business. Len and I are soulmates. Carrie Ann thinks Kristi's technique was amazing, but she needs more emotion. Bruno thought it was sharp and precise, but she needs to be a "dirty girl" to get the emotion across. Kristi shows Bruno a little leg, and if she had showed half that personality during her dance, it would have been a lot better. Backstage, Kristi says that she likes to leave things to the imagination instead of putting the sex appeal out there. She adds that, in skating, you can break character when you land a difficult move, but you're not allowed to do that in dancing. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 27.

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