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Lisa Rinna says that one of the most memorable moments for her was when Kelly Monaco nearly lost her top and managed to still finish her routine without getting the show yanked off the air by popping out a boob.

Tom is going to talk to some of the former contestants. There's jokes with Stacy Keibler about George Hamilton. Lisa Rinna plugs the cardio ballroom dance class she started with Louis. Jerry Springer jokes that his hips still hurt. Vivica A. Fox talks about her work on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Joey Fatone says that he got work from being on the show so he can't be bitter. Kenny Mayne plugs his new book. Sabrina doesn't get any time to talk. I notice that she's sitting next to Shannon Elizabeth; I wonder if the two of them go on double dates with Derek and Mark. I hope not. That kind of makes me want to puke. Can you imagine four people you'd like to hang out with less? Although Derek and Mark probably have good gossip about the dance world. But there's about two hundred percent too much enthusiasm in that group.

Tom asks Len who he thinks might be going home, and Len says that the three at the bottom of the leaderboard are probably most vulnerable. At the bumper into commercial, Helio remembers the first time he saw Apolo dancing the paso doble, and how it made him want to do the show too.

Tom lists off all of the show's alums that have gone on to Broadway, and tonight we have a special performance by Mario Lopez and the cast of A Chorus Line. When they bust out the hats for the kick line in "One," it cracks me up to see the three judges in the background totally geeking out. Bruno is practically standing up on the desk to join in. Their kick line is good too; I don't know if any of you have ever participated in one of them, but between the cardio workout and trying to make sure that all of your legs kick up to the same height, it's not as easy as it looks.

Rascal Flatts return to sing "Life is a Highway" while Mel and Maks dance. Yay! This song just makes me think of the movie Cars because I have nephews and thus I have seen that movie more times than is healthy. I miss when they were younger and we got to watch Mary Poppins. There's a lot of song before Mel and Maks come out; I wonder if that was a contractual thing, like the record label said that the band needs to have so much time just singing before everyone is distracted by the dancing. And Mel and Maks are awesome. One thing I love is that they incorporate some of the most popular bits from their routines last season, like the splits from the Viennese waltz. And they just look like they are having so much fun. I seriously can't believe they didn't win last season.

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