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Backstage, Samantha asks former winners who they think should win. Kelly wants Kristi, because she wants another female winner. Apolo says he roots for athletes, so he's thinking Jason and Kristi. Drew says that after last night, he wants Cristian. Samantha points out that it's probably not coincidence that Cristian is partnered with Cheryl. In the bumper to commercial, Drew reminds us of the most dramatic moment from the show -- when Marie fainted.

Now we get to see a clip package of what the current contestants have learned from past contestants. Kristi thinks she can learn the most from Joey Fatone, because he's "a master showman." Marissa wants to learn how to bring it like Mel B. Oh, Marissa. You couldn't carry Mel's jock. Mario thinks he could learn from Mario Lopez. Yeah, learn how to bed Karina, from what the gossip pages say. My theory is not helped by Mario saying that he wants to take it to the next level like Mario Lopez did. Jason says that he can learn a lot from Emmitt Smith, because he made it cool to dance with style. Cristian relates to Helio, because they are both Latin American. Well, that seems obvious.

Finally, it's time to reveal two couples who are safe. And the first one is...Marissa and Tony. What? Wow, I totally thought they were going home. Man, where is her fanbase coming from? The second couple that is safe is...Kristi and Mark. Backstage, Samantha talks to the safe couples. Marissa can't even talk, but at least she's toned the screech level down. Kristi is like in a coma compared to Marissa, but she also has trouble forming a coherent sentence. In the bumper to commercial, Kelly says that her shocking moment was when Sabrina was eliminated. Did they put that in this break to let us know that the upcoming elimination would be shocking? Like it is Jason, the golden boy? I hope not.

Samantha tells us that they are going to reveal another safe couple "in no particular order." How can one couple be in order of anything? I guess that means that they're not necessarily the third place couple. Anyway, the next safe couple is...Cristian and Cheryl.

Tom says that Jason and Edyta and Mario and Karina are not necessarily the bottom two. Why did we go back to not revealing the bottom two? I hate that. Anyway, we finally get to see who's going home this week and it's...Mario and Karina. Wow, Jason looks relieved! He's really into it.

Mario says that he's had a great time performing on the show and loves his partner and his competitors. He's the youngest person they've ever had on the show. Mario thanks Len for his constructive criticism and then sort of weirdly segues into talking about how the real brave young people are those serving overseas. I mean, sure, but the timing just seemed weird. For Mario's dance out, they play "I Will Survive." They should play an upbeat song every week. It's much more enjoyable to ask than the typical junior high slow dance songs. Anyway, see you next week!

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