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Now it's time for the other kid couple, Jaryd and Cara, who won the 10 and under round. They feel famous after being on television, and then Maksim of all people came to help them in rehearsal. These guys must have been on the week I was on vacation, because I do not remember them at all. Jaryd and Cara do the samba, and there is nothing cuter than little Jaryd rolling his arms for the samba (and OMG, they're dancing to They Might Be Giants). Forget everything I said earlier about my strong stance against kids dancing competitively -- these two must win. Adorable. Sorry. I must be hormonal or something. Tom asks the kids for their autographs. Len tells them that he'd rather watch them than the grownup couples backstage. I kind of agree.

The final couple to compete is Brandon and Brittany from the 13-and-under round. Their celebrity coach is Ashly DelGrosso. They're dancing the paso doble this week. They are really incredible. REALLY incredible. Like I think they might be better than any pro couples dance we've seen this season. I get that they have longer to rehearse, but it was really astounding. The judges are stunned by the level of artistry. I'd love to see some video of Julianne when she was dancing competitively as a kid for comparison. I'm sure I could find it online somewhere, right, but it's not the same as when it's in HD on my television.

Samantha interviews the kids backstage, and if you think it's awkward when she talks to adults, imagine her talking to kids. The one funny part if she asks the teenagers who they would want to partner with if they were on the show. Brittany says she'd like Jesse McCartney and Brandon says he'd like any of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Really? Like, that's still a thing with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders? I thought that went out in the '80s.

Then there's a clip package where all of the celebrities talk about how awesome their competition is, and how the others will be really difficult to beat. And then they trash talk a little bit. Filler. Yawn.

Finally, it's time to learn who the first couple through to the finals will be. And that couple is...Kristi and Mark. I figured, since they weren't making a big deal about this being a shocking elimination. If Kristi were going to be eliminated, they would have been hyping that all over the place. After the break, we find out another couple that will dance in the finals, and it is... Jason and Edyta. Well, the judges must be happy, because they have seemed to favor a Jason/Kristi showdown all along.

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