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Cristian and Cheryl, as you may have heard, danced well last week even though Cristian could only use one arm. When they picked, they got the Viennese waltz and the samba, and the samba was the dance where Cristian got injured. Cheryl and Cristian took to the streets and met some fans and tried to drum up publicity. I like that a lot better than the e-mail blasts or Myspace bulletins that some other fans have used; I feel like they have somehow earned it more. First up is the Viennese waltz to Dave Matthews Band's "Satellite," an odd choice. Cristian seems more able to bend his arm this week. He can't do any work with it, but he can hold it up and keep his frame. He also seems more relaxed and he doesn't have the crazy eyes. You know what? I kind of liked it. Something about Cristian post-injury is working for me. Maybe it's the lowered expectations or the fact that he's not as intense, but it just works. Carrie Ann thought it was sweet and pretty. Len thought there was more content than last time. Bruno thinks they play off each other well. Tom takes the chance to make fun of Cheryl's dress, which has some weird silver ribbon curls around the top. She deserved that. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 27. Cristian says that his injury has forced him to be more sure of the routines since he can't let Cheryl lead him. I never thought of that, but it may explain why their routines look sharper.

Kristi and Mark have been second for two weeks in a row and want to regain the top spot. They get the jive and the tango. Their jive earned them a 30, so they are a little worried that people will have unrealistic explanations. They got a 27 on their tango, so there is room for improvement there. To help them out, Kristi and Mark go to a professional ballroom class full of ballroom champions who give Kristi tips. I wish one of them would tell Mark to stop making those faces. At least that was a field trip that actually made sense. So the tango is first. I'm not sure what Kristi is trying to do with her facial expressions because sometimes she is very closed-off looking and almost like she's grimacing, and then she's smiling, which seems weird for the tango. I get the whole "come here, no go away" aspect of the tango, but Kristi kind of just looks like she has a toothache. I mean, her dancing was technically perfect as always, so I have to pick on her facial expressions. Len rips on Bruno for making oohs and aahs throughout and then says that he thought it was a bit hectic. Bruno yells that Len is going barmy, and Len retorts that Bruno is the barmy one for having that haircut. Carrie Ann tells them to shut it, and then tries to do a little dance of celebration for Kristi and Mark but her dress gets stuck on her chair. She manages eventually. Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, and Bruno 10 for a total of 29. Backstage, Kristi talks about how much she learned from the pros and blah blah blah. Does anyone ever say anything interesting in these interviews since Adam left?

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