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Len went and met with each couple to help them with their Latin routines. He thinks Jason did too much posing and posturing last time. Len actually makes Jason dance with him and... they are AWESOME together! Wait, I have to go back and watch that again. Len works on a particular step with Jason, and Jason actually grunts at him. That was kind of hot! I think there's something wrong with me.

Next, Len goes to talk to Kristi about a move she did where she stuck her leg out and looked like she was getting on a horse. He helps her through it, and then shows her a new move. Next up is Cristian and Len dancing together. Len doesn't dance as well with Cristian as he did with Jason, so he ends up dancing with Cheryl. When they finish, Cristian deadpans to the camera and pretends to give them a 7. Then Len has to go teach Marissa to use her hips. Good luck with that!

The first Latin round dance of the night is Jason and Edyta doing the paso doble. They do one more where Edyta does a half twirl/jump and then Jason does and Jason's form is NOT GOOD! He did way better when he was dancing with Len, I'm telling you. His hip action is better than it usually is though, but he looks weirdly stiff and uncomfortable. I think I just don't like the choreography. And then they totally do a lift, but again, when Jason swings Edyta around, I don't know how her feet are supposed to not leave the floor. I liked the ending, but I think it was due to the stunts more than the actual dancing. Bruno thought Jason looked like a true matador. Carrie Ann thought they had more content than usual. Len thought he attacked the dance like he attacks quarterbacks. No mention of the lift? Hmm. That was weird. They did do a lift, right? I mean, Edyta's foot came totally off the ground. Scores: Carrie Ann 9, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 27. It's weird how a 27 can feel anticlimactic.

Marissa and Tony are doing the rumba. For the first time, Marissa actually makes me believe that she's physically attracted to Tony. I really don't get why she won't try an A-line dress though. I just think the dresses that are tight on her all the way down emphasize her lack of waist. I kind of have the same body shape as her, and you have to emphasize the boobs and then leave the rest kind of flowing and let people guess what you've got going on. Anyway, it was a pretty dance, and at least it conveyed the right emotions. There's a whole thing where Marissa's dress gets snagged on the sequins on Tony's pants. If I had a nickel for every time that's happened for me. Carrie Ann starts out and says that she was disappointed in the routine. Len recognizes that the rumba doesn't have the wow factor of some other dances but he thought it was well done. Bruno liked her attitude. Carrie Ann starts arguing that the routine wasn't exciting enough for the semifinals, and that they need to hold Marissa to the same standards as the others. I don't know why they're arguing now -- their scores have already been recorded and can't be changed. I guess Carrie Ann is worried that her score will be way lower than the others and she's trying to justify it. Scores: Carrie Ann 8, Len 9, and Bruno 9 for a total of 26. Marissa thanks her fans for voting and asks them to keep her in for the finals.

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