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Ted McGinley and Inna return to do their foxtrot to that Beach Boys song that everyone loves, especially since it became the theme song for Big Love and was prominently featured in 50 First Dates. "God Only Knows." That's what it's called. Ted looks pretty good too. I guess having more than a few days to rehearse really helped some of these early eliminees. That's not a word is it. Give me a break. I'm twenty-one episodes into this season. I think I'm allowed to make up a word here and there.

Oh, God. Kim Kardashian is back, and she and Mark are doing their "Baby Got Back" routine. Well, she seems to be actually shaking it this time. And putting some effort into it. She's still terrible, though. She should have been the first one out, based on what we've seen tonight. I think Mark pulled her through those first rounds. I can't believe they got away with the "Me so horny" part of the song on network television. Are you allowed to say horny? Then again, the whole song is about a big ass, so I don't know why I'm picking on that one part.

After the break, we continue the look back, moving on to weeks three and four. Brooke and Derek got the first 10 of the season. Corky humped Cloris across the dance floor and then ripped off her wig. Carrie Anne's crush on Warren began. Misty May ruptured her Achilles tendon and had to drop out. Lance and Lacey finally started breaking through. Cody showed that he could be a man. Toni and Alec were super sexy. Rocco had a lot of fun, but had to face up to the fact that he's a terrible dancer. And then Bruno practically humped Rocco when he get eliminated, and I really didn't need to see that.

Misty May obviously can't return to dance, but she explains that she just got cleared to walk, and she can't wait to get back out there and dance. She refuses to pick a favorite amongst the finalists. Maks' hair is growing back and he looks great, I think. I don't like the long hair. It looks greasy to me. Maks says that Warren is hilarious, and he'd like Lance to win because he's going on tour, and Brooke is obviously a class act. As Tom tries to introduce Rocco and Karina, Maks gooses him, which always makes me laugh. I know. I'm juvenile.

Rocco and Karina do their mambo. There are whole segments of the routine where Rocco is just standing there and Karina is dancing her little heart out. Rocco does ham it up a little bit, but there's not much dancing in this routine. As we go to break, Tom introduces a movie-style trailer about Cloris called Dirty Dancing: The Senior Years. It's about as hilarious as you'd imagine.

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