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Now we're up to weeks five and six. Lance fell down. Susan finally got some attitude. Carrie Ann gave Maurice a hug. The Hough siblings had dueling jitterbugs. Toni was told that she wasn't living up to her potential. And oh, the group hip hop. What a disaster that was. Michael Flatley was the guest judge. Susan allegedly finally loosened up, although I didn't see it. The dancers all liked the high scores from Michael Flatley. The judges liked Lance's routine, for once. Cody started peaking, but then Julianne had to leave the competition for surgery. Cloris FINALLY got eliminated, and vowed not to leave, even though we all know that she did. I do still wonder about that. I know she's had some health problems since leaving, but I am still surprised that she didn't show up.

Toni and Alec are back, but apparently Toni just had surgery so she can't dance. But she will be joining the tour, singing and dancing. Tom gives a big introduction to Cloris, who will be doing her tango. Cloris looks like she's lost weight. I guess pneumonia or whatever she had will do that to you. I'm actually kind of impressed by her tango. Her movements are sharp and crisp for once. Corky totally grabs and cups her ass cheek. Inappropriate! Sometimes I wonder how much of my objections to her routines were due to Corky's choreography. Anyway, it's a pretty good routine, and a great routine for Cloris. The crowd loves her and she gets a standing ovation. And an interview! Which no one else has had so far. Samantha asks how this experience compared to all Cloris's other life experiences. Cloris asks, "To pregnancy?" Then Tom asks if she's going back to Broadway, but her show is closing. Oops. Then Tom and Cloris act out a scene from Young Frankenstein and I have no idea what's going on, which is usually what happens when Cloris is on the show.

Susan and Tony are back to do their paso doble. I think with all the consequences gone, Susan can finally let loose and dance, because this is probably the best I remember seeing her. She's actually performing instead of looking like she's terrified something is going to go wrong. Also, Tony is tossing her around like a rag doll. She also gets a standing ovation. Do you think the crowd gets tired of standing up and sitting down all of the time?

Maurice and Cheryl will be joining the tour, but tonight they're here to do their salsa. It would have been interesting to see Cheryl with Warren, because I like Kym, but I think Cheryl's choreography is better. At one point, you can see the judges dancing in the background, which cracks me up. Bruno is totally into this song. There are a lot of tricks in this routine, including a death drop that looks like Cheryl was going to crack her skull on the floor. Another standing ovation. The eliminated contestants' performances tonight are really making me rethink the elimination order.

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