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Weeks seven and eight brought the first thirty for Brooke and Derek. Len told Lance that his barefoot rumba was ridiculous. Warren lost his technique and got his lowest scores. Cody had to dance with Edyta for the first time. Carrie Ann made Susan yell that she's doing good, which still hurts my ears. Because it should have been that she's doing well, and also because she wasn't. The group broke up into two teams, and Team Paso Doble kicked Team Salsa's Ass. Len disagreed with his fellow judges about Brooke and Derek's routine. Each celebrity had to do a short solo in the middle of his or her routine, and of all the innovations this season, I feel like this was the least successful. I liked the team stuff, but not that.

Jeff Ross is going to do a roast of the final three (and probably everyone else too). He starts out making fun of himself: "People ask me if I lost any weight doing the show. I say, 'I don't know. How much does my dignity weigh?'" He moves on to tell Cloris that watching Corky drag her around the dance floor was like Weekend at Bernie's: The Musical and her score should have been 911. Then he moves on to the finalists. Warren does not look amused. Jeff rips on Brooke for having so many children. He asks, "What can you say about Lance Bass that hasn't already been said about Clay Aiken?" That might be the first overt reference to Lance being gay on the show this season. Jeff asks Warren how he dances so many hours per day and stays so out of shape: "At first, I thought he was on steroids, then I realized he's just fat!" Jeff concludes: "Have fun tonight and remember: compared to me, you're all winners." That was so tame. I understand why it had to be, but I admire Jeff Ross for figuring out how to make it funny while not going totally shocking. For filler, that was pretty good.

Now we're on to the semifinals, where Cody and Julianne were told their routine wasn't good, Warren was told he needed to up his game, Lance got praise, and Brooke totally screwed up her routine. Then Lance lost his shoe and got his highest score of the season. So Julianne and Cody are back to do their jitterbug. This really was Cody's best routine because he's got that gawky young Dick Van Dyke vibe, so this really works for him. I still don't like all the tricks they did, but the kicks look good. Cody puts on a good performance -- better than he did in the actual competition. He's making faces and connecting with the audience. Tom and Samantha call them over for an interview. Samantha points out that Cody came so close to the finals, and Cody says that it's not hard to be back, because he's such a huge fan of the show now. Tom offers Cody some advice: "Cheer up!" Everyone laughs.

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